Monday, May 16, 2011

Mango Tree Bistro

Where to eat is one of the most asked and hardest question to answer. We often answer dad with "kahit saan" (anywhere) or "ikaw"/"kayo" (you decide). To at least sift the choices, he would then ask what we prefer --Thai, Japanese, Korean, Chinese.... We already associated each with a particular restaurant or two. It is a sure ball that we'd already have a decision after choosing specifically whenever we're just in town. But of course, there are those times wherein we want to try other ones. Suggestions, then, cook up.

I love watching Wer U At. So when Bianca featured Mango Tree Bistro, a franchise from Bangkok, and said that she really enjoyed their food and is even one of the best restaurants she's been to, I saved it to my to-visit list. QTV's Tara Let's Eat also had an episode featuring the Best Thai Restaurants in Manila. They included Mango Tree Bistro and Krung Thai (blogged about this here; didn't enjoy their food much, though). You may watch that episode here

One time, we wrestled with the usual question again. It is in these times that I get to dig in my researched  spots. *grin* I asked if they like Thai food for lunch and they said yes. I suggested Mango Tree Bistro and told them that I've spooned good reviews about it. They were convinced. Off we went to TriNoma to look for the place.

Mango Tree Bistro, or plainly Mango Tree in most places, expanded its business through franchising in the different parts of the globe. They are already in London, Busan, Dubai, Macau, Tokyo, Malaysia, Kuching,  and Mumbai.
 Ambiance and interiors are really well-coordinated and really sossy! The place also is dimly lit! 
I love the throw pillows making the place in season with color blocking!! Blue and violet looks synchronized! :) WIN!
 Being a bistro, they have mini bar on the side serving cocktails and other alcoholic beverage.

 By the entrace

We ordered Thai favorites. I thought that food would be a bit expensive due to the place's hip chic vibe. I was surprised to see that the food is relatively cheap!! :)  

The service is also good. We asked the server not to put so much salt. He told this to the chef. The chef came over and asked if this is due to health considerations and constraints. We said yes; dad can't induce sodium, as much as possible. He lastly asked if we still have other requests and we said that would be all. How relieving! :)  
Tom Yum
 Pad Thai and Spring rolls
 Calamares and Steamed seabass (??) --the server suggested this. He told us this is one of their best sellers.
  For drinks, I ordered Thai Iced Tea/Nai Cha/Milk tea. I love their version of this!! Not that there a lot of renditions. hee. But I enjoyed their mix!!! :)
Mom and Kuya Egay had lemongrass iced tea. They asked to separate the sugar. They ended up putting in a shot glass of sugar, though!! haha! I didn't like their lemongrass iced tea. It wasn't really refreshing. 

We tried the usual Thai favorites as to compare it with Siam House's. Having tried both, my/our (together with dad and ma) vote still goes to Siam House!! No doubt and still unbeaten! But Siam House's ambiance and interior is no match to Mango Tree Bistro's! ;)


  1. Haven't tried this retau. Yes, I agree with you, the ambiance is pretty cool and the food looks expensive. So when you said it was, cheap I'm really surprised. Will def try this for sure. Thanks for the review and sharing this :)

  2. Tom Yum... Yum!! :p
    Good thing I just had my midnight snack or else I would've been so hungry looking at these pictures!!
    Anyway, follow each other? :)

    Definitely, Maybe

  3. Wow! this looks like such a cool restaurant, the atmosphere looks great, and also the food looks delicious.. mmmm :)

  4. I know about that, we have that problem all the time, just a couple of hours ago it took us about an hour to decide where to eat, and we ended up eating where we always do anyway - Macao just doesn't have that many choices :(

    - Che


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