Sunday, April 3, 2011

I keep coming back to Los Banos!

Los Banos will forever be my escape from my walled dread. I even have this make-believe that Los Banos is a separate entity, that it has a world of its own. At times, its weather even deviates from other/most PH areas. How come? Or is it just me? ;) What I am certain of though is there's always, always that feeling that I am in a different world  whenever I am there --a world where I can always start anew, a world away from stress, anxiety, anger, and even plain boredom. 

I went back to Los Banos last Thursday and was there till Friday. The place never fails to calm my spirit and fill me up again. Parang 'gas station' lang... ganon! Parang ex lang pero clingy pa rin ako sa kanya... ganon!
Stone benches!
Pink and lace love!! <3
 Saw Dinobunsoy! <3
 LB visit was funded! Helloooo, I currently don't have extra money! :X
 Great catchin' up with Lyn! 
Hope you land on a great job, pretty! <3
Fall in LB!
Tambayan for 3 years! 
Beloved department in that building!

How about you? Where is your happy place? :-)



  1. The place looks nice for a hangout :) Love the trees and benches :)

  2. smike often!))

    started to follow u baby
    it will be great, if u will answer me in following and do it too <33

  3. you look great! amazing colours and pics :) I especially love ur hair

    kisses from Poland <3

  4. iloilo, especially lambunao, always raining, but now very

  5. i see why you fell in love with the place! it looks fantastic indeed... with the falling leaves and stone benches! ang saya mag picture picture din dyan :P

    btw, followed your blog! :)

  6. nice blog *

    Waiting for you to imagine:

    : *

  7. the images are wonderful... thanks for sharing!

  8. My happy place is anywhere on the beach, the ocean and the sand always calm me down... Love your blog and now following. Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)

    Kisses from Los Angeles,

  9. I like your top a lot! It is so cute! I am following you now! My happy place is in Abiquiu, New Mexico.. <3

  10. have really wonderful time there...have fun
    awesome!!!!You look radiant!

  11. Wow that looks beautiful for fall! My happy place, a little place called Atlantic City. Best vacation and playground spot.

  12. Sometimes we all need an escape. Fun pictures you got here.

  13. what the hell is it completely shitty na naiyak ako sa post na to. :( i miss LB!

  14. wow! i am from ELBI as well. an engineering graduate who turned out to be a blogger. nice post. elbi has a special spot in my heart too. ;)


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