Sunday, June 13, 2010

SELLING MYSELF: A recapitulation. OMG, I landed on the newspaper!!

With the luxury of time, I decided to be present in whatever shindig as much as possible. Out of sheer favor, little things are delivered for me and seemingly small things keep on coming --that out of the many participants, I had the share of limelight.

It all started with that Wowowee thing, everybody kept on folding one after the other. I remained standing without exerting too much effort. And since I'm almost always the monotonous type, I sucked in coming up with a spunky line which is the worst 10-second of it. Thanks to Tita Patrice and Ashley and well, Ben for the privilege.

Then, Clavel Sneaker Magazine sent me the May Clavel Swag Pack (Galactic Riot shirt and a complimentary copy of Ms. Clavel Sneaker Magazine 2010-Two) just by tweeting that Galactic Riot is Better than Vader on Crack. My brother used the shirt first though. For information, Clavel Sneaker Magazine is giving away 1000 worth of gift certificates from Human and a NIXTAPE 2010 by the end of June to five winners; how to win this swag pack click here

Lastly, I'll have something Sheena Sy some time soon. I'm still waiting for the package. 
My brother wearing the Galactic shirt; the May and June Clavel Swag Pack; Me in Wowowee with Melai of PBB and Pokwang and fellow contestants

May 29, 2010: My friends and I saw Michelle Lim's, Dimple Lim's and Alex Piglao's Holiday collection during Philippine Fashion Week. I thought that was just it. I was just after the free exciting experience. Not until I was spotted by and asked for a photo. I immediately said yes without any question and without a tad of hesitation --eager to see myself on their website. In my mind was the thought that I'll land in Stylebible. Thanks to Troii and Ken for the tickets.

Just yesterday, without any clue, someone told me in that I got featured in Philippine Star's SUPREME section this time. I thought it was just a prank notice, nonetheless, I was eager to validate the information. I visited Philstar's website to check and saw an article with my name on it. Being an eager beaver to such, I went to buy a newspaper and was really glad to see myself. What a grand consolation to be part of it with people I adore and follow in different sites. I'm in the middle of Jenni Epperson and Preview's EIC Pauline Juan. More so, the article is written by Preview's Associate Fashion Editor and well, writer for SUPREME's STEALTH AND STALK column Ms. Daryl Chang (my girl crush!! haha). 

[1] Carla Abellana, [2] Carla Lazo, [4] Liz Uy, [5] Preview's Cit-Cit Sioson, [6] deathbyplatforms' Kookie Buhain, [7] Lissa Kahayon , [8] Isha Andaya, [9] Preview's Eloise Alba, [10] Jenni Epperson, [11] OMG! Me, [12] Preview's EIC Pauline Juan... Lots of Summit Media / Preview people!!

COMPARING MY PHOTO WITH THE REST: I wondered, of all featured in Stylebible how come she chose mine? 

My auntie commented that I really have thin legs. My brother pointed out I have big face and it looked odd. My cousin said that of all poses why did I pose that way. Ok, you guise, thanks for the compliment. haha! Putting aside the sarcasm and the pessimism, I got featured which made me glad and well, shocked. My heart  even melted with those surreal words. After reading it a couple of times, I realized how inappropriate and clashing my choices were for my ensemble. Thus, it made an impression. 

FOR THOSE WHO WERE ASKING: You can read the full article HEREDaryl Chang wrote...

"For the favor of God will be upon you all the days of your life."

P.S. I'm finally rooting for a particular job! Your prayers would be of great help. :) Finally, something I want!


  1. You've got style girl... you deserve to be featured. Congrats Nina! xoxo

  2. Aw Great! Congrats...Im praying for you.
    You’ve got one more follower
    I’d be thrilled if you stopped by my fashion/ beauty blog to give us a follow

  3. thank you for your comment :) Im following you now :)

    D E G A I N E

  4. Congrats, Nina! :) This is just the start. Yihee!

  5. congrats on the feature and on the job offer! :D

    Animated Confessions

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