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Just so you know, I've been going to-and-fro Manila and Pampanga for the past few weeks to score a great job. I'm down with two choices which is good.  The one I prefer is still on the bench  though since I just went through the second process two days ago. Hopefully, they will give me a call by early next week.

Not focusing much on my unsure personal endeavors which might jinx it but I started with it anyway since I am almost always a blabbermouth blogger type, I scribbled and pop edited my photo.


Since I have no precise thought for this post, I will just go through my plans these past few weeks despite my solely for impassive thoughts claim.

I am an impulsive and quantity-over-quality buyer. I invest on little things so long as I get ample stuff out of my money. But as I am finally entering the labor force, I am planning to invest on great items not minding the price. Thus, cultivate my patience to save for it. Even if I'd have to wear blinders or winkers just so I can focus and not put my money into small items yet again as I pass through the mall and kiosks, figuratively speaking. 

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(1) BRAND NEW DESIGNER BAG: I want a tote bag for everyday use. I will be selling my ragged clothes, accessories and bags tomorrow. I want to invest on a Louis Vuitton bag --the Neverfull Damier / Monogram MM.

Mom wouldn't let me have or even lend hers because I am not careful with things! A Longchamp bag is also of my choice and is the safest bet. I also want the Prada Antic Cervo OR the Gauffre Satchel Tote OR Prada's Fringed Tote OR the one I'm eyeing in their Greenbelt store which costs 110 freaking thousand pesos. On my list also is the Miu Miu Vitello Lux Satchel in allumino. Basically, I am leaning on a classic piece for my first must-have.

(2) DRESSES: One can never go wrong in a dress for work or even an event. It's an over-all piece which will enable you to save time and save yourself from headache of matching a top and a bottom. I need not say more.

(3) PLANNER: I need a planner that is simple yet chic.  It's time I strive for excellence in whatever I do. Seemingly simple thought but could somehow solve my dilemma of tardiness and forgetfulness which oftentimes are the culprit of a bigger problem.

(4) JOURNAL: It's time I take account every detail of my future trip. Mind you, you can never remember the details. It is really helpful that one has a journal discussing in detail, as much as possible, everything. Now that my friends and I are planning to go out-of-town, I've realized how it is important to do so. I can't relay information about our past visits since I already forgot about the simplest yet frequently asked questions about a tour and about a place.

(5) ZECHARIAH 4:6 : I should always bear in mind to give thanks in all things. It has always been my spiritual and one of my numerous life mantra that it is not by my might nor by my own strength but by the Spirit of God alone. During UPCAT, my verse is in Psalms. Same thought as this. 

I am way way enthusiastic to see and marvel on what God is about to do in my life and give in the coming days. Indeed, I am favored! 

TO END, let me share with you my Photo of the Day:

P.S. To my new followers, thanks! Followed all of you back which I always do. Thanks for the sweet comments on my previous posts. And I shall visit your blog tomorrow to leave comment(s) as well. Always, always give back.

PLUGGING: I want to see Swan Lake beginning to stage on July 1 at the CCP Main Theater. Hope I score the tickets; details HERE...


  1. aahh.. im starting to try to go quality over quantity nowadays too. i need to score a job first!! goodluck with your applications! :D

    i love photo of the day, btw! it's so surreal! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. thanks for visiting my site. you are welcomed to come back anytime! thanks hun <3

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