Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thrift finds are treasure finds

It has never been a secret that I shop a lot in thrift shops especially in Cubao, Laguna (since I had my college at the University of the Philippines, Los Banos), and Anonas (new found love, actually).

It all started in Baguio when I was in elementary or approaching high school, but since I'm the t-shirt ONLY girl, I looked for nice shirts only, some I still have with me and used to wear a lot during my freshman days in college.

Few weeks ago, I found a dress in Anonas. It is from the first thrift shop that you'll see on your way out of Anonas LRT station. A lady was holding it when I saw it. My heart jumped the moment I saw the dress. Good thing, she did not get it. I immediately took hold of the dress which cost me so little. Then, I searched it on the internet. It's a Mara Hoffman dress which is included in her Spring 2008 collection, which originally costs 400 frigging US dollars. I couldn't hide my excitement anymore when I knew about that and told my friends immediately and gave them the link.

That's the exact dress! The dress I have is a size M (medium), though. I'll be wearing that for graduation, I think.

OH! I need my sophomore figure back! 


  1. Hi nina! what's CTC. sushal naman! :D Im glad you found my blog, and that post, and liked the other posts too. :)

    im really happy u have a blog! will be updated. :) put u on my blogroll


  2. Hi Miko! :)

    Nothing big though, raket lang, for ClickTheCity! I get money for every article. :) How about you? How's work? :)

    Yes! I love your blog!!! :) But that post really is super fun! You actually met a stranger?! nice! :) I also placed you on "My Pick", Miko! wee! nice to see you here! <3

  3. Wow! I want! How did you apply for that? :)

    Anyway, yes I did. Actually I'm planning a meet and greet now. Nahihirapan lang ako ayusin sched nung ibang fans/reader. :)

    Sama ka! para may not-stranger face :D

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. wow! gusto ko! sama ako, sigeeee! :) yey!

    Miko, you're an Editorial Assistant for Zen?! NICE! I want to be an editorial assistant too!!! Or, I wanna work in a mag company!! INGGIT, super!!!!

    I applied online sa Jobstreet. :) submitted articles, then, yun they hired me! haha! really nice, you'll feature different places -resto, bar, museum, hang-outs... haha! Apply ka na rin! You'll sure get a spot as well :) <3


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