Saturday, April 2, 2011

I was once painted!

Some of you might know about this already, I was painted as a T'boli woman of Lake Sebu by our very own Jun Alfon! haha! 
Kamukha ko ba? ;)
T'boli kids in traditional wear <3
 T'boli women of South Cotabato are known as great weavers. 
T’nalak is made from abaca and dyed with natural vegetable dyes in red and black. The red is said to represent bravery, commitment and love, while the black stands for struggles, hardships and perseverance. The geometric patterns vary from piece to piece, with no two pieces of t’nalak being exactly alike. In the past, T’nalak was used as a dowry or a bride price, as well as to barter for farm animals.

Aside from the well-made T'nalak, they also produce beadworks such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, belts and other more!

Which reminds me of the necklace I wore on my previous post :)
From Abaseria formerly Ethnic Ventures in Cebu


  1. i really like you're blog, its very educational and easy to digest.....
    mark dizon...

  2. my husband just got back from cebu! should've asked him to get me that necklace. i really like it. love the tiboli weaves. beautiful :)

  3. kumusta nina? hows your mom beth? kindly extend our warmest regards to her. Very nice blog! hahaha.good that you made one like this with your portrait painting. hope to hear from beth soon. thanks.
    tito jun alfon


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