Sunday, March 27, 2011


We had lunch at Pepper Lunch one Monday. (read further below)
Had Pepper Lunch in Shang, though. haha; not in Rockwell as pictured! Thanks, google!
 Yummeeeeh! A bit salty, but better than Sizzling Pepper Steak!!
Sizzle it your way
I ordered my meal with miso soup. Their miso soup ain't good... for me. hihi

It was also the day I wore my maxi skirt to work. It did not look great that day, though. I guess the mood and ++ stress ruined it!

I feel odd posting this. I am not into clothes anymore. I am spending more on good food to relieve stress and occasional sadness. It's actually been awhile since I shopped for new clothes. I don't get giddy on fashion-related articles and things anymore. I am actually even thinking of a derogatory term for... *gulp*.... fashion just so I won't use it for some subdued reason. Perhaps, change it to style-related ones. Eh-wan.

I blame *let's not drop the word/cause* for engulfing my drive and merely like on things I used to really check in detail. This may sound awful, but not really. I am holding on to the fact that all these will end soon. Thank God! :) Next step, though, is twice as hard, to contemplate on my next step and which path to take... again! Haha!
 Nyahahahah *laughing at myself*
As much as I want to make it a point not to take and post shots this way such as in the dressing room, there's no other way I can think of / resort to.
Photos captured during the day I bought it. Wore it exactly with the top, shoes and necklace. 
 Look, you can even see my jeans! haha!
Hahah! Chura!
Nakakatawa. Why am I even posting all these!
Anyway, thurrr!
I should've asked a friend to take me a photo when we were at Shang, no? Choss!


  1. I love your outfit sooo much! where'd you get the skirt and the necklace? soooo pretty! :)

  2. We just launched our new grand menu with three new Angus beef dishes. Please give it a try! Tomorrow we will also be starting with our Yakisoba Festival! See details on our Pepper Blog:

    The Pepper Team


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