Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dear Darla, I can't get enough of you! *and Closet Sale*

I was never really a fan of Yellow Cab, not even close to an occasional craver/customer. I would seldom want Charlie Chan but that was it; I was never really into their pizza. Ever since they added Dear Darla in their menu though, I find myself hankering to visit the nearest branch to order 14 inch Dear Darla for myself alone, haha. There was a even a week when I had it for three consecutive days! SO GOOD!

Dear Darla is a thin crust pizza which is pre-sliced in rectangular strips that comes with alfalfa, the Queen of the Forages, and arugula. I like the aroma and the bitterness of arugula and the delicate earthly goat grass taste of alfalfa. Together with the greens, I always add crushed chili pepper before rolling it to perfection.  
Crushed chili pepper spilled!

Ju taking ze photo.
Charlie Chan!

After having Dear Darla one Sunday, I made extra money... I had closet sale again at home. Friends came over, tried on clothes and accessories, and purchased a number of items. YAYAY!
some, some
I even sold shoes..
Thank you, friends! 'Til the next closet sale! :)



  1. i super love dear darla too!:)

  2. I miss eating Charlie Chan! Hindi ko pa na try Dear Darla, subukan ko yan pagkauwi ko. Looks so yummy! <3

    Lee of Caffeinated Epiphanies
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