Friday, March 4, 2011

SWATCH: Swatch x Jeremy Scott and The Lady Collection

Next to Jeremy Scott's Adidas Originals collaboration and collaboration with French bag maker Longchamp on their iconic Le Pliage bag is his collection with Swatch! HYPE! 

 (1) Baroque-inspired frame around the bezel; (2) wings made famous by his Adidas Originals sneakers; (3) a cartooned lightening bolt
From L-R: Swatch Opulence, the Winged Swatch, and Lightning Flash
 Personally, it's toss between Winged Swatch and THIS --Lightning Flash!
BUT, Lightning Flash looks too plastic in actual/a 'usual' plastic swatch when worn. I might put my money to Winged Swatch. TORNNNNN!

 I like Swatch's Lady Collection as well!
 ALL COLORS: Light blue, purple, peach, light pink, azure, yellow, green, pale crimson, beige and white


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