Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Good Life

We actually attended a wedding (Casey and Issa's! <333) before we spent the night at Mercato.

Let me tell you a story I never thought I'd share because (1) it's somewhat embarrassing, and (2) these occurrences better just be boxed and sealed; but, here it goes: In all weddings of any relative I attended in my teenage years, I didn't go to their weddings all dolled-up, not slightly even! You don't want to know what I wore, ugh, hrhr. You'd probably have noticed me in the crowd because I was one of the very few who did not conform to the 'formal' attire clearly stated on the invite. Despite being published and seen on Philippine Star and Stylebible.ph for an outfit fashyown (errr) shot, and despite me venturing in retail now, I really don't spend much time and money for a dress I'll just wear half a day; not with just my family around actually, at the very back of my mind. ;P All of my close friends are still single, if not, they haven't decided to tie the knot just yet. So, yea, I didn't give a dang. How somewhat disrespectful. Sorry, I also ruined the memorial 'picture with the relatives' photos.  

With that being shared, it's my first time to finally wear a dress for a wedding, or rather, first ka-age wedding to attend to together with friends! Not that I spent money and devoted so much time to find a dress, it's just that at least I wore a dress this time. ;)   
The souvenir that we didn't get to bring home! We were pre-occupied goofing around and taking group photos.
{{I only took photos / brought the cam with me during the reception lang pala!}}
Flats forevs!
You know what they say, the bride is the prettiest!
Essa's! <333
Prior to a steady, serious shot there are always bloopers.
Here's what they're trying to achieve! Finally!
With Casey, ze groom!
Ok, the shots are unstable, blurry! Should learn how to use flash nicely! I think I used the Party scene mode on some shots. Will figure out on which setting the flash delivers shot best. :)
Girlzzzz slash +1s!
What I usually do before leaving for any event. I upload 'em mirror shots mostly here only anyway. :)
 Ahhhh! The joy of not carrying a dSLR around! <333

Why the title? Why Good Life? It's because I'm listening to OneRepublic's Good Life as I write and end this post.
That's all, folks! :)


  1. pretty dress! reminds me of sunshiney summer! :)

  2. the bride's dress is so pretty! but so is yours and so versatile as well :)

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  3. so many beautiful dresses! looks like you had a great time!

  4. I don't blame you if you don't like dressing up for a one day event haha and of course spending too much. I try to wear the same thing over and over during weddings. =P But i do love the dress you wore! and the brides!! my gosh total heart melt!


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