Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Los Banos in Manille!!!

Posting two separate weekend dates I had with college friends. 
(1) Two or even three weekends ago, we had our late lunch at Moshi Moshi in Katipunan before we attended Sunday service at Galleria.
(2) Chilled at Fred's late afternoon last Saturday.

I. Moshi Moshi
The food is good because (1) they have generous serving portions which would definitely make you burp and, (2) everything is budget-priced. The interior is also supercuuuute which made us actually opt to eat here. 

On one end, expect Tokyo Tokyoish Japanese-kunu dishes. Japanese fastfood as I'd like to call it. The food was oily, heavy on the stomach, and satiating. The contrast that is totally not Japanese. 

I checked on their facebook page just now and it is actually stated that Moshi Moshi is a Japanese fastfood joint! So yes, if I were to be asked once again if Moshi Moshi's Japanese fastfood dishes are worth your money and would satisfy your appetite, I'd definitely say yes and would recommend it. 
Grassssss <333
These KitKat boxes on display initially caught my attention.
The packaging of Japanese products are always really cute! One of the reasons why we spend so much unnecessary things at Japanese stores like Saizen! #guiltypleasure
Reasonably priced, eh? 
Group photo!
First time to spend quality time with these ladies after a very long time!!!
Lumi-Liz Uy!!
Two photos grabbed from Odessa
Jotting down their purchases and doing the math, hah! 
They spent the night with me at my pad. They bought lots of items from Schmug!!! Thanks so much!! <333
4 because we're 4! Chos!
Moshi Moshi where we dined in is located @ 2/F Regis Center, 327 Katipunan Ave. Brgy. Loyola Heights, Quezon City. 
Saint's Alp Teahouse!! 
Will visit next time!

II. Fred's
Love the ambiance! One cozy place where you and your friends would wanna hang out! 
Nice subtle lighting! Lovely photos on the wall! 
3D! Choss!
Familiar face? Iz Schmug's mowdul Paulyn!!
wit Aryani!
Nachos with yogurt dressing! We didn't get to finish this! Ain't sinful! 
Still doesn't use my cam's flash! :\\
Jessie, talagang pilit isinama si kuya, hrhr!

Fred's is located at Cubao Expo


  1. kaloka yung pic ni mo at des na una! TWINS!

  2. ang cute ng moshi moshi! where exactly in katipunan yan? :) thanks for this entry i know where to bring the boyfriend! he loves japanese food!


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