Monday, April 18, 2011

Giveaway: They say I am lucky

Super delayed post! :\ It is never too late to be thankful!!

Most friends say I am lucky at winning giveaways. I rather would prefer say that I am blessed. I won a number of times already and the latest loot that got delivered to our home is from Manila Fashion Observer! :)

Her giveaway mechanics made everyone to answer a few questions. I don't usually join a giveaway that makes one put so much effort and those that would make me come up with garlandy answer just so I'll win what's at stake. One of the questions she asked was the type of question I would love to answer and share to other people, though. The question asked for the joiner's favorite labels and/or places to shop at. I feel giddy to share this type of information to other people and talk about them. Anyway, my answer went like this: 

 My favorite labels and/or place to shop at are the following: TRF for trendy streetstyle ragged clothes; Gap for cheap yet chic bags; Levis for jeans; redattic for vintage clothes; Rockwell Tent and World Trade Center (American Women's, in particular) bazaars; Aranaz for chic local bags --from clutches to big bags and now her accessories (or her sister's); RIIR bags as well for that streetstyle native-eco vibe feel; The Ramp for putting up everything local in a one stop shop; Hongkong boutiques; H&M thru e-bay and muliply stores --I have yet to visit Hongkong's flagship store or the soon-to-open H&M Singapore flagship store; and of course, thrift shops in Cubao and Anonas area.

After submitting my entry and waiting for the giveaway result, it turned out I'll get the prize!

I got...
Marc Jacobs keychain! Don't you just love the leopard print! <3
Navi and Belle de Jour 2011 Planner where I got my discount coupons for our Ace Water Spa.
**note that I received this loot January pa! Ooooops, late post! haha!
And a J.Crew reusable canvas tote!
 The package came with a letter from Ms. Christine of MFO too. :)

Isn't it great to get stuff for free?! haha! 


  1. the planners came 4 months late? LOL congrats for winning! :)

  2. @Hazel: This is a delayed post! :( hahaa


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