Monday, May 3, 2010


Ashish Gupta is about color and fun with a fities/eighties twist. I love him because he layers well and mixes bold hues awesomely and keeps a good short lenght, in most times.

As far as I know, he collaborated with Topshop too --those leopard print wedges and studded suits (rock-and-roll-like type or I can imagine a bad-ass chica wearing one in a big motorcycle, well, personally).

Not highlighting on his collaboration with Topshop, when asked what his signature designs are, he would say that they are mainly about "sequins, glamour, sportswear and more sequins." :) (I guess this is the reason why I love him so bad)

How would he describe the Ashish woman: “Fun-loving and sexy with a sense of humor who likes to make an entrance.” With those sequined-designed clothes, so it seems...

from SPRING 2010 (my favorite collection, so far, everything is really eye-candy and super good):

from SPRING 2009: Made me want to have a playing card shirt!!!

P.S. I wanna learn how to silk screen. Teach me how, anyone? You may comment here if you can help me, seriously. :) It'll be great to meet a kind and, I suppose, creative/artistic stranger... :)

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