Friday, May 7, 2010

TRF all over; Dark all over

Today's my parents' 22nd wedding anniversary. We celebrated it by feasting at Mequeni's lunch buffet at Holiday Inn Resort, Clark Field. We had crabs, herbed baby potatoes, roast beef (really delicious!), cold cuts, chocolate fondue, creme brulee, maki, sashimi, and a whole lot more!

 The buffet! Desserts welcomed us!
 Main dish section
Everything that I wore is from Zara TRF.  
Hello sabi ng chicken legs ko! haha!
Thought bubble: I want ankle boots with shoe lace for tighter fit... Ala combat or army boots!
Minus the Wayfarers. But look at my face, looks so annoyed, haha!

Because boys dress up too, hrhr
 front and back
Beaded bracelets and metal-studded belt. Beads and studs look good on guys as well. I find headgear like bonnet on guys nice and functional. More so, shades is always a MUST HAVE to protect the eyes and to avoid stressing, twitching your face muscles especially skin around the eyes. 

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  1. chic outfit! i love the top dear.

    do send me some crazy love over at :)


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