Tuesday, May 25, 2010

GIRLS OF SEXY MIND: 4th feature

(If you still haven't read the first post and the sneak peek, I suggest you read it first to know exactly why I chose the girls I'm featuring on my blog. And check out the previous features to know what I exactly think about each personally!)

(4) Vea
When I first saw Vea (during higher Statistics class) my initial reaction was: "Dang, if only I had her body!" She has this pretty face and "mature" physique, what more could you ask for --on a superficial level though. Then, she became a member of the organization I am in. The story went; we became really close and got to know her. 

I admire her fiery contempt against ill-mannered guys. She will defend a girlfriend from an uncouth gross call.  On an unfair commentary, her semester ends when most of us are still having hell-ish ticks in finishing academic requirements. How is that freaking possible, every frigging semester!

LET'S DIG DEEP; DIG HEART: On a more personal note, as I spend whatnot months with her, one thing I am certain of which I wrote in my manuscript's acknowledgment as well: she has this sweet disposition I can't resist to like. She is a meanie in a sweet way. That sounded weird and paradoxical, though. On top of it all, she knows what she wants and she aspires for it, nevertheless, she lets no one get on her way. She will ask for advice just like most but really knows where to stand at the end of it. One might doubt her decision and throw faulty words yet she proves haters wrong and remains to be happy for what she had put up, forth and forward.

THIS BLOG IS SUPPOSED TO CATER "IMPASSIVE" THOUGHTS ONLY (but this is more of a personal feature and how can you not not put dearly touch when writing about friends you adore at the same time); ABOUT HER STYLE: I can see her in a blouse and skirt plus sling bag and flats. Consequently, I can't see her in a simple tee, jeans and sneakers. Thus, she really looks good in her personal style of girly-way. 

I MUST NOT FORGET TO NOTE: Eyeliner magically transforms her whole look! That's the only time I really submitted to the fact that make-up do wonders! Thus, in her case, she applies it in the simplest way but really nice. Then again, it's really the eyeliner...

Chictopia looks
one of her usual campus/school attire

YOU CAN FOLLOW HER ON: She's now active in Chictopia! She's also in tumblr, and blogs here on blogger as well.


  1. Eyeliner is my bestfriend too... I can't live without it. She looks so sweet and nice. xoxo

  2. "I admire her fiery contempt against ill-mannered guys" hahah! parang alam ko kung anong situation to! everything in here is soooo true!

  3. Yo Nina! Nakakaiyak naman to. Haha! I LOOOOVE YOU :)

  4. ang ganda naman ni vea


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