Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ADVOCACY: Native is the new chic

It has always been my advocacy to buy, patronize Filipino made products and know the person behind the craft. Thus, not to sound poser-ish, I do purchase and admire foreign goods and foreign designers. On one end, this post is not about that so let's not delve deep into that anymore but might as well point it out. Going back, at the end of it all, it's good to mix and match the two, or better yet, add a Filipino twist and twang in your wardrobe. 

I find my mom's choices up-to-date. In most times, she is advanced to trend. Our taste is at variance, but as time passes by, I find myself lurking at her closet for accessories and other stuff. I guess one's style changes as one age. 

Personally, my penchant goes for bags --hello mom, it's your fault. My approbation calls out to the following Filipino BAG designers, namely (hello again mom, I blame it all on you, it feels like that I'm writing about your stuff, haha):

Let's start with a Pinay designer whom I admire much. Amina Aranaz-Alunan bags have been a staple here and all over the globe. She is also the person behind School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA), right outside Urdaneta Village, beside The One School, an entrepreneurial learning institution that is its sister school. Basically, I admire her delicate yet sturdy crafted handbags out of native materials.

REMEMBER, there was this time when eco-friendly bag was a hit. This was my personal pick which I used in school, in most times, during my sophomore year... The "I'm a natural shopper eco bag" by Aranaz:

More of her bags:
the perfect beach / chic travel bag. It always is a stand out whenever we travel
really nice in actual, not quite sure if I "photo-ed" it nicely
close-up of the nice beaded details

(2) Kiculo of Bacolod City
Label derived from the first syllables of the name of the designer’s (Marichu) daughter, Kitkat Cusi Lobaton. Know more about the line HERE. :) And I quote from the article, "Kiculo has become synonymous with class and cutting-edge style that has caught the facy of fashionable Negrenses like Gretchen Cojuanco and Guia Gomez." 

plaid handle, soft maong-ish material coupled with just the right amount of beading in place
seems like an Indian or from other Asian country handbag (details are of shells and beads) 
brown all over! The knot-tied functioning as zipper is cool. I think I wasn't able to produce a photo of this one well, yea? It actually is nice in actual.
(3) Talimaya  
Hand-woven, hand-crafted, summer handbags with the use of local and indigenous materials manufactured by Sharon Azanza. More so, Talimaya bags are exported to Japan, USA and Europe.

Hand-painted design and I love the beading!! I LOVE THIS ONE! 

EQUAL GROUND: WHY I LOVE EM : 'Coz they are all equally chic. The beading and the native materials are well thought of and are crafted perfectly. Plus, they have successfully and proudly reached the international scene --NO WONDER! 

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  1. I love Aranaz' bags... I have some clutches which I've accumulated through the years and I still use them up to now during parties and special events. They always are great icebreakers... "wow, I love your bag".

    I want that eco bag.

    Have a great day Nina! xoxo

  2. i love the bags i never heard of aranaz but not i love the line!

  3. @ Leah: i totally agree! :) an eye-catcher, really. :) Have a great day din po :)

    @ Britty: visit her shops! :) really great stuff!

  4. Lovely bags. I want one. :D


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