Thursday, July 15, 2010

FOR THE LOVE OF PROMOD: Lace-up heeled boots

The moment I saw them, I knew they're perfect! I did not purchase them right away though since I want to put my money in good investment. LOL. Then, as I was rethinking, I went back two days ago to fit them again and finally decided to get them. On one end, I don't know when to wear 'em!

I stand 168cms tall and additional three inches would make me feel and think that friends and other people wouldn't want to walk beside me --just a scene in my head 'coz I remember some comments from friends. Plus, I'm the type who doesn't want the spotlight --those stares and whispers. Or, am I just too conscious? hee!

WHICH BRINGS ME TO PONDER: Why did I purchase them, then? I was thinking of wearing them at work or an event God knows when! 

More so, despite its heels, it has platforms which made it way way easier to walk in! If you want the ease and comfort from heeled ones, go for platformed / platform shoes. :)

JUST SAYING: Just the other day, I saw Tricia Gosingtian wearing the same pair in one photo as I was browsing her site. As usual, the pair looks good on her!

actual pair from
when worn


  1. these are cute! i saw a similar pair in forever 21. how much were these, if you dont mind me asking? :)

  2. Hello! 3,495 if I'm not mistaken. :)) They're really comfy! hihi

  3. thanks nina! i feel awkward in heels too cuz im quite tall already. i just wanna blend in with everyone else. hehe. but im such a sucker for laceups! :)

  4. exactly my sentiments as well!!! haha! apir! ;) hope to wear this pair soon; haven't worn them yet. awww.

  5. oooh! platform boots! i want! are those still available in Promod?


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