Sunday, July 18, 2010

MOST DURABLE HEADBAND EVER: "Let fashion go to your head" I quote

From time to time, I have this constant need for headbands which I use whenever I blog, watch TV, wash my face, stay at home all day and so on to keep my hair tidy, away from irritation. I bought all sorts of such from tiangges to malls to airports, but none of them last. Not until I had Evita Peroni's Kezia band which is a teeth-ed one. I never wanted those types of headband since I find them irritating and are really painful in the head. Thus, Evita Peroni promises painless head pieces. I tried them on and really fell in love with this one since I usually go for the simplest ones.

 Mine's in black though. Kezia black google photo can't be copied, unfortunately. So there

Kezia has been with me for a year or so now. It is really the most comfortable teethed headband ever and the most durable. There were lots of instances where it got twisted since I almost always unintentionally fall asleep with it on. Then, would remove it in the middle of my sleep for it ought not to be worn in bed. Just some story and narration, my brother sleeps in my room. For some reason, he does not want to sleep in his little hole. So, he sleeps on the pull out. Several times, Kezia the band lands in his bedside. Having no clue that it's there, it would get stuck and twisted whenever we push back his bed. Amazingly, it would just get out of shape, warped, still capable of withstanding wear and force. After bending it to its form it's back to function. Its plastic material is far way different from the other. I got my money's worth for its durability. 

SO: If you're looking for headbands, head pieces, and even accessories which are of good quality yet equally classy and fashionable, try anything Evita Peroni. images

PERSONALLY: If there one Evita Peroni band I won't buy and splurge on it is the Amery band and any series of Amery kind. Simple Joys has the same one which costs so little as opposed to the Evita Peroni one. There is also no difference in the fit and the appearance actually since the Amery doesn't have an Evita Peroni tag to start with. There are also of good quality alternative everywhere --those Korean bands which you can find in Divisoria and bazaars.  

Nonetheless, other than that, Evita Peroni is a good brand to find nice, long-wearing head pieces and other accessories.

Evita Peroni's Amery band


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  1. Goody has nice headbands. Teethed like yours. But in duller colors. :D


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