Monday, July 26, 2010

Soul Garden: BBQ buffet cum Hotpot

We wanted shabu-shabu for lunch. All the way from The Block, we walked to The Annex to try Seoul Garden. We went to the buffet setup to do some supermarketing to choose fresh uncooked seafood, filleted fish, meat (from marinated to plain cut ones; pork, beef and chicken all present) and other ingredients to go into our broth and grill for lunch. I remembered Sutukil in Cebu with its buffet setup. At Seoul Garden you get to cook your own food, though --to create your own dining experience. As promised, their "Refreshingly fresh" tagline holds true. 

The price was worth it all together which already includes drinks (sodas, juices, coffee, milo and all else). It was a plus factor for me since most buffet restaurants do not include drinks. For dessert, they have 6 flavors of ice cream with choices of toppings, mini cupcakes, rebel bars and other pastries, DIY halo-halo, and fruits. They also serve bibimbap upon request, pasta, Korean appetizers, salad, and a whole lot more. The quality of the meat cuts, freshness, and selection are excellent despite the variety. For promos, students get discount. 
inside Seoul Garden
 BBQ cum Hotpot
Veggie bibimbap and seafood bibimbap on the side. There are chicken / beef / pork bibimbap too.
WHERE: SM City North EDSA, The Annex 1. Open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM
Yes, as indicated, they have branches in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.


  1. i love korean bbq! nice blog! i followed you :)

  2. I've been dying to taste korean hot pot or spicy noodles. Now I know where to eat!=) Oh and followed you. Love your blog.:)

    Love, Pax

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  3. Love the title of your post!

    I also adore the pictures. It's great!

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  4. Been wanting to try out Seoul Garden for the longest time! Ilang beses ko na rin nadadaan yan sa SM Annex. Thanks for posting this! :D

    Lee []

  5. looks delicious!

    xx, christen

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  7. awesome pictures and this post made me just sooo hungry and i have just eaten. BUMMER. :(

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  8. mmm that food looks so yummy!

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