Sunday, August 8, 2010


We went to Manilart10 held at SMX Convention Center last Sunday. We were surrounded by ample works. I, as a result, wasn't able to look into every detail, not even take note whose work one is and so I asked for brochures. 

Amidst the great number of participating galleries, there were a few I got drawn in:

(1) We spent an hour in "Galerie Zimmermann Kratochwill". As much as I find its art dark and gross, I was curious to know the story behind the works and watch the GORE video. I was not able to ask the gallery attendant about it, but he was too nice to hand me a biographical and narrative catalog. 
  Please excuse! WHYYYYY!?!!!

(2) Mixed media paintings of charade by Leo Velasco attracted viewers. It was far way different from others since he tried to spell out what he wanted to say literally. 

Everybody's trying to solve them. The first one's quite easy. The longer one's a challenge. I, therefore, leave the puzzle to you. ;p
TRY to solve this.

(3) Most salable cartoon in paintings: Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. ADORBS.
 1 Mickey, 1 Baby Mickey, 2 Minnie women
There are THREE HIDDEN MICKEYS! Lol. Too much Disney Channel when I was young. Sorry. ;p 

(4) Those painted/crafted wooden cross in discarded wine boxes by Valeria Cavestany of Manila Contemporary. Just because I'm drawn to cross and bows these days.
(5) Modern art catches my attention --digital art as part of it. My interest stops there, though. I uttered WOW a couple of times, but that's just it, plainly an initial reaction to a glance. I am still a fan of established artists. I would still invest on a Malang, I really like Betsy Westendorp, Joel Mahilum, Michael Cacnio, Dante Hipolito's Hyper-Realism, and most artists carried by Galerie Joaquin, Village Art Gallery, and Art Circle Gallery and be hanged on my home's wall. I value aesthetically pleasing pieces, I guess. I think when it comes to Contemporary Art the idea counts a lot more than anything else.
Michael Cacnio's brass
Dominic Rubio's (contemporary artist too? I like his paintings!!)
Arturo Luz and hmmm, I have yet to research

(6) I liked MM Yu of Manila Contemporary concept of capturing Pinoy cultural signifiers we see almost anywhere. The concept of photographic seeing in the shots is in work, indeed. 

(7) FAVORITE from all the new ones (from all the artist I ain't aware of) I saw!

I appreciate events of whatever kind for I bring home knowledge and inferences I contemplate on and impart to other people. 

At the end of it all, learning is made entrancing when entered into discourse no matter how clashing the taste and outputs may be.  

Collage summary.
That's all, folks.


  1. this is a good entry. glad to bump into it.

  2. nice arts.. =) Filipinos are really creative.

  3. this is just so captivating!!! i loved this post.. thanks for sharing the photos! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. love love LOVE mixed media and especially pop art.
    awesome post lady! glad you shared!

    xx, christen

  5. love love love
    kahit dito ako sa iloilo ang dami kong nakikilala at pupuntahan dahil dito

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    there be a part 2?

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