Thursday, August 19, 2010

"We are handed lemons, turn those lemons into millions!"

I've been stressing, time long past, that I would rather see a movie than read a book which still holds true for the most part. Not until I read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". I brought it to work and finished it for three days, that is, during idle hours to keep me sane. Waiting for the clock to strike six is real tough! 

A year and a half ago, my Chinese co-intern kept bugging me to read the book. He also kept on advising to take basic accounting and finance classes for he is in full conviction sure that those short courses shall equip me. Pride is in work, I heard him but I did not listen. In my mind was the thought that I suck in numbers and there is no reason to learn accounting, finance, and other more that has something to do with numerical studies. That is why I took up behavioral studies, I argued within.

Just recently though, I don't know what the wind blew in and the cats dragged in. I suddenly wanted to read the book. The first few pages are already loaded with motivational points, more like, simple yet well-stated arguments so I didn't stop 'til I finished.

I don't want to spill everything off but as I read the book, the disparity between how lower class and middle class men as opposed to how rich people think struck me most. I was reminded of what dad kept on telling us: to work not for money but for experience. And as I write the succeeding of this entry, I will quote and rephrase points I learned from the book.

I dreamt of working in a magazine company. I got in an OJT post for advertising but I wanted to be in editorial and so when I was about to start, I quit. I even waited for the opportunity for months. I was amazed at the office the moment I stepped in. I saw lots of Olay freebies and magazines for read in the reception area. I don't know if those things make you giddy but as for me, they do. But then again, I didn't welcome the advertising opportunity because I was too blinded or focused (as to sound positive, hee) on my editorial aspiration.  Don't get me wrong, it was nothing big or worth bragging about as much as it sounds. Again, it was for an on-the-job training --no monetarial gain but of good training and experience, I suppose. I consider it neither a wrong decision nor a good one. It was merely a decision. A decision which left what ifs. To think, I wasn't productive for months; I plainly slacked off at home. 

Secondly, Dad was too positive to see that when I worked for my day old job it made me wake up really early; I began to muster a good habit. But then, I didn't see that and was too focused to be on a career I want and so I quit again. I am not regretful on this one, though. ;-)

Again, my point is to work not for money but for experience. If you're reading this and you're still a student, invest on trainings, part-times I consider as such. It is good that we know what we want but isn't it also exciting to do tasks which would challenge you on most part. We are, beyond doubt, heroes at something but cowards at something else. Always welcome challenges. The world is changing but the lessons are still the same, that is, specialize in something and work for money, pay the bills and tax and spend on what is left for you. As to that, resulting to a world filled with talented poor people. The book will more like encourage you to make money work for you and to invest even at a very young age. On a note, don't let failure and doubt cripple you. I'm sure those negativism will attack along the way, worst part, even at the beginning. Always be reminded, as pointed out, that unchecked doubt and fear only creates a cynic. Another thing, don't be lazy by staying busy; I'm sure you know what this means. Make sure to analyze before you get into a big thing, nevertheless.   

They say compassion without action is much like abortion. So, I will put into action what I've learned. I shall soon update the store. I haven't updated it since I sold my clothes to friends first since it was the most practical thing to do --I didn't have to take photos, edit them if needed, and upload them. I earned a month worth of wage, by the way. But, I still have some stuff here for a bigger market.

SNEAK PREVIEW of some stuff to sell:
 MNG lace blazer, LAUNDRY tweed, sheer
 hip prints, stripes, plain, knitted tasseled

All will be available, hopefully, some time soon at reasonable prices at Schmug.

Schmug currently has authentic designer bags for sale --LV (brand new Galleira GM, Monogram Mini Lin Speedy 30) Gucci and Burberry.

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