Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trilogy Boutique and Canteen

I opt to go to a mall because it's a one stop destination. There's dining, shopping, and entertainment of all sorts. Compound type places like Cubao Expo and the recently established The Collective tried to put together different shops and elements such as dining, galleries, shopping but leaning more on artsy and everything indie and, as I personally put and see it, hodgepodge of alternative to mainstream. 

I remember mom and I would go to Cubao Expo for a skin product that The Reading Room offers and some organic products that you can find in stores around Cubao X as the nearest supplier in mind. Then, we would eat at Bellini's Restaurant since it's Lucy Torres' favorite Italian restaurant, well, at that time she gushed about it in one column or show. Then, we go to Halo for their malunggay pasta and malunggay pesto though I heard it's not as healthy as it's supposed to be.

Then, I got hooked on online shopping. I would read information from my favorite shops and see if they have a store somewhere near. One online shop, oOhwables, is in Cubao X so I went to see their clothes in actual. I still vie to have the chance to try on clothes and even accessories. I thank God I fell out of love for online shopping already --from spending too much on courier fees! Yea, there were good buys, but there were also plenty of poor items Boo! I got accustomed to online shopping for a very long time and I think a huge amount of my money went there.

On the contrary, none of these whereabouts (excluding online shopping in this matter) were huge thing for me at that time. Not until hipsters constantly raved about the place and would post photos of them having a good time. I did not know that it is actually that hipstery at night. I became aware that it is actually that cool for some people. Consequently, I feel an aura of the hipsterdom everytime I step into the place now. Haha!

Recently, friends and I went to Trilogy Boutique and Canteen which combines dining and shopping and is owned by Jon Herrera, Rosario Herrera, Vicky Herrera, and DJ Steve Aoki. They have good independent brands such as Alternative Apparel (I love their plain V-neck shirts!!!), Junk Food, Obey, Christys Crown Series Hats, WeSC, Anthology shoes, Generic Surplus, Dolce Vita, Andy Warhol Watches, Wright Supply Co., and a whole lot more. They also sell books and magazines if I'm not mistaken.

Canteen, their in-store cafe, offers viands and menu that is really tempting. I wanted to try their dessert as well, but I was out of budget already.

 these polariod photos from
Their menu is really tempting, ryt! For price range and menu click here. I just wish they lessen the price. Medyo mahal kaya! ;-p

WHERE: 110 Alvion Center, Rada Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City Philippines
STORE HOURS: Monday-Friday- 11-8pm; Saturday-Sunday- 10am- 5pm

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