Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yesterday, I don't like you. Now, I want to have you

One thing I noticed as I age, my style preference changes. I tend to go back to jeans and shirt --my first love. Along the way though, I find myself falling in love on things I used to unlike, not even bother check out, or simply am apathetic about --things that some people may verily want, wondering why.

Months ago, I didn't like RIIR bags. I told myself I'd rather have an Aranaz instead. Few weeks ago, I saw a lady carrying an RIIR at the mall and thought that it's actually pretty nice when carried and is one helluva statement bag. Two days ago, mom and I went to their showroom. The shop attendant was too perky and nice to show us available bags in store.

ABOUT: RIIR, Rags2riches (literally, rags to riches pieces; from scraps to world class ones), by designer Rajo Laurel upcycles scrap cloths (those woven / weaved foot rags we see everywhere) embodying eco-ethical style as they call it with the labor help of the marginalized sector of Payatas.

Weavers of Payatas. photo from HERE

During RIIR's anniversary, they asked famous astists to do limited edition bags for auction including Ben Cab, Raymund Isaac, Jenni Epperson and daugther Aryana, Anita Magsaysay-Ho. Great works and play of ideas, I must say.

Personally, I love the RIIR by Aranaz line. But there's also this RIIR eco-shopping bag called the Tree Bag by Rajo I'm somehow eyeing for and thought that the idea's nice.

 This is the Tree Bag. It's that simple and is foldable. The handle is really nice. The wooden ones are from Cebu, according to the perky shop attendant --forgot about the other detail ;) Nicer in actual.

I find this really nice too; comes in rectangular and other sizes and colors of tirintas which are placed in it vary

This is the bag I'm pertaining to carried by a lady. Hers is black if I'm not mistaken. There are lots of color, even shapes and sizes, and designs to choose from.

Mom wants this Maria Rosa Tote. Again, there are color swatches.

YOU CHOOSE AND CHECK: The quality and craft of the bags differ from one to the other since they are hand-made, I suppose. Even the color combination of the scrap cloths used as the design vary. Due to this, we asked for all stocks available for a design we wanted when we were at the shop to choose which color  to get and workmanship we prefer, in general.   

DISCLAIMER: Photos from different sites I found as I googled, not mine.

Check out their site or simply google to see all products. ;)   


  1. Those Aranaz bags are real statement pieces. And I love Rajo's tree bags too. xoxo

  2. Love the bags, nice posts too. enjoyed your blog. hope you also find time to visit ours :)

  3. Nina I like the tree bags, nice! And like you, I sometimes find myself getting inclined to things i find odd or I'm unlikely to buy but i always go back to shirts, jeans and sneakers. <3

    Lee [ ]


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