Tuesday, July 5, 2011

SUNDAY'S BEST: Tagaytay Zipline

We had a short stop at the ridge after our lunch at Memory Lane since it's just few meters away Magallanes Drive. After enjoying the cold breeze, off we went to Picnic Grove to try Tagaytay Zipline! :)) 

This was my second zipline experience! The first one I got to try was Subic's zipline/Superman ride at Tree Top Adventure. The Superman ride in Subic is 100 feet above the ground and is 140 meters long. Tagaytay Zipline, on the other hand, is 300 feet off the ground which courses 250 meters long.

Harness used at Tagaytay Zipline is way way sturdier. The harness at Subic Zipline can only carry 1 person per harness. Tagaytay zipline's harness can carry 4 persons as big as sumo wrestlers! The whole body really feels nestled with its good hold. Makes sense, a deadlier ride entails steadier support. ;)  Also, the zipline mechanism in Subic seems machine-operated. But really, Superman ride in Tree Top Adventure made my knees shake more.... Imagine, we even had to climb few steps up a metal-pipe structure to stall ourselves in two bars! Yes, Superman ride's harness has two bars: one bar where you rest your feet and the bar in front of you to cling on to. :\ I wasn't even able to make the Superman position at Tree Top Adventure! My grip on the bar was too tight I can't let go (I was in 'I am cute' baby position, bar below my armpits), but, my arms were outstretched when I braced Tagaytay Zipline! <3
 Went at the ridge to see Taal, etc, etc... 
Finally! At Picnic Grove! On our way to try Tagaytay Zipline!
 Walked from point A to this point!! Haggardo Versoza!!!
Weekday Rate
One way - 200php per person
Two Way - 300 php per person
Special package (save 100php): One way + mug + photo = 400 php | Two way + mug + photo = 500 php
Weekend and Holiday Rate
One way - 300php per person
Two way - 400php per person
Special deal (save 100php): One way + mug + photo = 500 php | Two way + mug + photo = 600php
We decided to go two way and get the 100php souvenir photo... Forget the mug! 
The mug's nice, though. Didn't feel like getting one lang! hehe
 Swayed before letting us go!! Looked scary when we were watching others. In reality, it wasn't really that scary! ;) Mas ok nga eh, for me. :) The tire bump that made the zipline stop was the worse!!! We weren't expecting that! We laughed the shocking impact off na lang! :))
We tried two way... They'll ask you to transfer to another zipline point, lower point for your way back.
This is us in Superman position!!! <3
Haha! SO GAY, Lorenz! ;P
We, Argen and I, went first. Then, Lorenz and Ate Joy --shifting ba.. hehe -- since we were carrying bags... You can actually bring your bags with you. They'll place it on your back DAW inside a safe bag with lock. Guaranteed that your bags won't fall off! :) Felt like carrying bags on your back is bit of a hassle, though. Hence our scheme...
 Weeeee!!! <3 Ziplining off!!!
 Our photo!
You may visit www.tagaytayzipline.com three (3) days after your visit if you want a soft copy. :)
Cable Car! lulz! ;P
Brought two bags for the entire trip! Thanks to sturdy the leo bag for being able to carry so much!! <3 Yes to roomy bags!

I'd love to go on a cruise, LOL, to the crater of Taal Volcano on my next visit!!! <3
Photo from here
Photo via google images
Can you swim/dip in Taal Lake? Is its water hot? Just some question in mind. heeh.


  1. Hi, what an interesting time you had on the zipline. I'm afraid I might have to pass on that, but my husband would love it. I actually used to live in the Phillipines at Subic Bay when I was about 4 years old. I have MANY fond memories of the Phillipines.

  2. oh my...!! Im fascinated with you blog! your pictures are really nice and this leo bag are amazing!
    I'm follow you now :) I'll go crazy if you check out my blog =D

  3. Hi! Just discovered your blog hehe, and these pics of your weekend are so pretty! And zip lining looks really fun!

    Saludos all the way from Venezuela!

  4. What... I adore your pictures. Actually want to do a montage and just add my face instead. Well looks like you had a blast. Keep on sharing pls! Kiss from Milano, Italy.


  5. Nice pics! Looks like fun!


  6. Hello! Ok so I'm following you now hehe, I wish I could've been follower 100, but I'm number 99.

  7. These photos are stunning! And that looks like so much fun! I bet I would pee my pants though haha I'm such a wuss :P


  8. I heard a lot about this place called Tagaytay. Hopefully next month I can visit there.

  9. That is worth trying, I want to do that too, can you help me find a tagaytay hotel near that place?


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