Sunday, July 10, 2011

To get or not to get

 I know this is prohibited, haha! But ma was not with me. Ben and dad were at the men's section... 
I had to show how it looks to fish comments.... BUT, I myself was having second thoughts, hmmm.
Purchased the top, though.  

 Ma approved! We were supposed to get it at Greenbelt but the one I tried on had the wrong belt (way too long for the trousers' size) and was ironed with sharp crease, meh! I know that's formal and they say it's the correct way to iron trousers... I just don't like mine na ganon!  ;P

Snippet of finds:
Celestina bag!!!
Ma has been fancying Celestina since last year (?)! Approved of it this time! hihi
Other Celestina crocodile tote designs
Grainy mobile photos sure don't give any justice to how elegant they look :)
Fast Facts
1980 Celestina started to model professionally in the Philippines and around Asia for runway and photography work.
1990 Celestina started designing her own clothing line business.
1992 Came up with a number of retail stores carrying American and European labels including Ann Demeulemeester, Helmut Lang, Comme des Garcons, Issey Miyake and others.
...1995 Started designing eye wear and distributed to over one hundred kiosks around the Philippines.
2006 Designed box like type of minaudieres for personal use but later decided to market them America.
2007 Expanded the minaudieres range to fine jewelry, fur accessories and scarves, crocodile handbags
2007 Hollywood celebrities and socialites start to accessorize with Celestina at award ceremonies included Halle Berry, Drew Barrymore, Jemima Khan, lucy Liu, Sandra Bullock, Alicia Keyes and Eva Longoria to name a few.
2008 Celestina shell minaudieres appeared within the June issue of American Vogue.
2009 Celestina successfully launched her HOME line. A variety of home accessories and furniture including boxes, side tables, lamps and chairs all marrying the aesthetics of the Celestina fashion line.

>>Showcasing expert handcraft from the Philippines

Celestina Maristela-Ocampo introduced her eponymous label two years ago with signature boxlike minaudieres and clutch bags, handmade from indigenous, natural materials.

Dedicated to adopting age-old craft techniques, Celestina works closely with artisans in her native Philippines: "I am passionate about reviving a dying art. These are old men and women who are willing to work with their tired hands in order to pass on their skills to the next generation”.

Celestina utilizes organic forms sourced from the exotic beaches and mountains of the Philippines. Abalone shells are transformed with silver mounts and semi-precious stones, shagreen and crocodile skins are combined with handcrafted frames to create exquisite clutch box bags. Each piece naturally unique, Celestina's handmade accessories are a perfect match for CoutureLab. 
-lifted from Celestina's facebook page
 Fancied these ceiling lights at Mary Grace! Ang gandaaa! :)

P.S. Shopping is great at Greenbelt during their mallwide sale pala! Many bags, shoes and clothes at Tint and Carbon, for instance, are discounted upto 50% off! 8000+ leather bag marked down to 4000+ na lang! A-OK! :)) ...Really, most brands, if not all, gave discount generously!

That's all! Going back, should I get the trousers.. or not? ;-P


  1. Love the photos. The Celestina bags are gorgeous, such a classic design!! -Mar


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