Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm in looklet now!

Hi, you guys. I'm also in looklet now. It's my second day of looklet-ing and I've managed to create 16 looks already. It is really that addicting! If you have one, check mine out. Do comment your username here so I could check yours' too!

What's great about looklet is its 3D visual with models to choose from. It is a site to sign up for stylist wannabe. It can be an outlet to explore one's potential and is home for materializing one's creativity and imagination.

Here are some looks I did in looklet:
 This look is inspired by stockholmstreetstyle.feber.se. I thought that I would love it more than lookbook.nu. But, I came back to lookbook now. Nothing still beats lookbook.nu, suffice it to say.
Because I want an H&M outlet in the Philippines
I admire casual HOT girls
fab in black and floral
Designers and models have the right to be unconventional and still be labeled fab! A commoner would be labeled weird and get sarcastic weird laughs and stares --just a thought.

Gorgee of looklet 



  1. why, thanks. :) do you have looklet? so I can visit yours. :)

  2. Sabi ko na eh, maaadik ka dun. :))

  3. haha! I blame it all on you! hahaha!


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