Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why wear boots when you are in a tropical country

In so many ways, I am one of those conventional people but not with regards to my political stand, I guess. But as I number my years and got exposed, I suddenly realized that it's good to stand out. Deviating from the usual does not make you any weirdo or less of a "normal" human being, it just shows that you are confident with yourself and willing to take different criticisms. On one end, these things do not come easy especially if you settle in your comfort zone in most times. Thus, I would have to point out that it does not make my character any different. It does not make me any better than others, rather, became better than my old self.

January 1, 2010, we were at our grandfather's house to celebrate New Year. Mom got me my first boots from Zara TRF and so I wore them since it was just a family gathering and I could get away with anything. The feeling was weird, of course, I am one of those who thinks that there is no room for boots in a tropical country, actors are an exemption though.

Contrary to what I expected, they did not notice it right away cause I was just busy sitting, hiding my feet under the table. And when they finally noticed, they told me it looks good. I was too conscious on how they would react but it turned out great, now, I can wear anything I want.  

By the way, this is how I looked. Not bad, yea? I wore a big-for-my-size blue blouse from Anna Sui, which I knot-tied on one side, Levi's jeans (always a fan of the perfect fitting Levi's Strauss), Zara TRF boots and finished my welcome for 2010 look with  bangles from India which I got from American Women's Bazaar in WTC and two native T'boli bangles from Narda's in Baguio City.     


  1. Because if you have it, flaunt it! :) Sayang ang boots teh pag di sinusuot. :p

  2. oo nga, Karel! I realized that just recently! haha! And now, I wanna have more pair, yung may shoelace type naman. haha!

  3. i thought they were the really high ones...looks good...


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