Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Canoe Beach Resort, San Antonio, Zambales

Classes are not still over, working employees still are waiting for break, when my high school friends and I decided to go to San Antonio, Zambales. Surprisingly though, there were still a great number who went there for a break. 

We stayed at Canoe Beach Resort which is the prettiest resort. It has a swimming pool and the food is really great and you can avail this wonderful package at an affordable price. It truly is a gem of a find in Zambales. Whoever said that you have to spend a lot for a nice vacation and for white sand beaches, does not know how to seek.
 for contact details and reference

We were really excited to take pictures of the beach and the place which we did the moment we arrived. My friends wore long sleeves because they're afraid to get a bad tan. I did not because I love the sun and I know that my fair color will come back after a few days. Thanks to a nice melanin formulation! I wore a white kimono top with sewed details of little flowers and somehow protected my face from UV rays with a hat. I also brought with me a scarf in case I can't tolerate the heat anymore. I have to say that it really looks awkward to see people wearing long sleeves in the beach (according also to them who wore long sleeves, haha).

We spent two days and one night there. On our first day, we hopped two islands via motored boat. We even saw media entertainment group who were having a shoot there. Sadly, we did not have the chance to see them up close and to even have the information about it. Then, we went back at the hotel and swam in the pool, played water games, and ate scrumptious hotel food. Our personal pick was the spicy tofu. I am not an avid eater of tofu but I really enjoyed it! Try it when you go visit the place. 

On our second day, we packed our bags and went to the city proper where we rode the bus. We went there earlier to buy some souvenirs and other personal stuff we could find. I bought lots of cheap but of good quality beaded bracelets. We also went thrift shopping, but I did not purchase anything. Thrift shopping is no good when you are not in the mood for it.

my bracelets!!
thrift shopping. I got nothing. Thank God

To sum up our total spending, it cost us 1,700-3,000 pesos each which is not bad for the wonderful vacation we had!

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