Sunday, February 14, 2010

Siam Niramit in Thailand

It holds true that you get to learn the moment you travel no matter how boring or exciting your whereabouts are. You learn by the mere fact that you get to talk to different people and immerse yourself in their way of living and deal with different practices, personalities, and beliefs. But isn't it exciting to know one’s mores and folklore in just one sitting.

There is more to shopping and more to taking photos when traveling. One thing you shouldn’t miss when you go visit other country is to see world-renowned performances from their stage plays whenever there’s one. For one, you will get to know their culture and heritage. You’ll also gain knowledge and participate in discourse with your family after —learnings and simply reiterations on your personal outlook about the play.

Siam Niramit features a gigantic stage that houses more than 150 performers in native and festive costumes. It is one of Thailand's must-see show. No doubt about it!

I was amazed when a giant elephant walked beside us towards the stage. I was in awe when I saw water flowing like a stream with boats actually moving in it where a man dove into the water too which happened in a stage that was dry land few seconds before. How was that  freaking possible?! With one blink everything kept on coming out of nowhere!

I tell you, you shouldn't miss Siam Niramit in Thailand! Go for a different kind of experience whenever you wander. There is more to a place than those sculptures, big buildings and shopping!

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