Monday, February 15, 2010

Before Sunset, the loveliest sequel of a one night stand

First things first, Before Sunset is a sequel to Before Sunrise. It is a film by Richard Linklater in 2004; starring Ethan Hawke as Jesse and Julie Delpy as Celine.

Before Sunset is far from the usual giddy movies. It cannot assure you that you will have an eye-candy with those hugging and touching. It is also far from the ideal since Jesse (the lead guy) is already married and has a kid while Celine is into her work for an environment protection organization, nonetheless, happy and fulfilled. It actually is an artistically rude awakening film that reality stinks. Thus, it is one of the most beautiful independent romantic story.

It is a sweet solemn film of two people rekindling their story in a slow-paced way in the streets of Paris. It is a script of their journey in figuring out whether or not they still love each other with all the reminiscing and sharing of experiences they had during the past nine years they didn't see each other. And if you are wondering, one reason of their parting ways was also due to a missed meet-up which is revealed as the story goes.

As they talk, you can see the dissatisfaction they have with their romantic relationships. They envisioned what could have happened to them. A seemingly possible occurrences in mind of happy endings, a thought they shared that will forever wrestle in their dreams. On one end, I am still cynical about the film that they could actually find their way home and they could end up together. That is if Linklater would make a part three for it, I don't think there would be, yea?

One thing I am sure while watching it is even though they both accomplished and even gave up some things in their lives, their feelings for each other remained to be constant. On one end, there is this reality that it will just be on that level, nothing more and nothing less --this is in contrary to my cynicism I know which I based solely to the plot.

To end, nice songs are also played in this film and I would like to share with you the lyrics of "A Waltz For a Night" sang by Julie Delpy which tells everything about their story and emotions.

Let me sing you a waltz, out of nowhere, out of my thoughts.
Let me sing you a waltz, about this one-night stand: you were, for me, that night.
Everything I always dreamt of in life.

But now you’re gone.
You are far-gone.
All the way to your island of rain.
And it was for you, just a one-night thing.

But you were much more to me, just so you know.
I don’t care what people say.
I know what you meant for me that day.
I just want another try.
I just want another night.
Even if it doesn’t seem quite right.

You meant, for me, much more than anyone I’ve meet before. One single night with you, dear Zoel, is worth a thousand with any body.
I have no bitterness, my sweet.

I’ll never forget this one-night thing.
Even tomorrow, in other arms.
My heart will stay yours until I die.

Let me sing you a waltz, out of nowhere, out of my blues.
Let me sing you a waltz, about this lovely one-night stand.

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