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Coron, baby, Palawan

Who doesn't want to go to places? Scratch that, who doesn't want to visit NEW places and have that YEARNED for breath of fresh air! No one! N O  O N E! Weeks ago, together with two awesome girl friends, we had a swell time at Coron, Palawan for four days! *100 watt smile* 

I feel like I am a transformed being -someone carefree, energetic, and up to any (thinks twice) adventure -every time I walk in awe and get lost and giddy in foreign and unfamiliar street; this is one constant thing that travelling does to me which I find really healthy.

We arrived in primitive Busuanga airport past 4 in the afternoon. Let me take you to all the places we went to thru photos (warning: photo heavy) and captions and more rather informative blahs.

DAY 1: 
From the airport, we were fetched by a van to Darayonan where we lodged.
Darayonan has a pool!!! One of the cleanest swimming pool I swam in! Swimming in a pool never felt that good!! The water is clean and has the right temperature. It was neither hot nor cold! #notOA

5:30-6:30 PM: We were supposed to have a trek to Mount Tapyas, but we decided to couch our lazy bums.

We went to Maquinit Hot Springs right ahead instead (ahhh, very rejuvenating!!! Must visit!). The road going to the place is dark and scary as there are no lamp posts along the way. Any bad soul can harm and can kill you along the way without anyone knowing. You can scream all you want and try to get some help but to no avail, we had that sort of feeling and conversations while riding the tricycle. Good thing there are no NPAs and Coron is inhabited by good people only. According to a local, they hold a record of 0% crime rate. #howtrue

The water tasted salty and I thought that they use saline system. It was something unusual and I really thought that the salt was artificially induced to sanitize the water. But according to research, it is the only salt water hot spring in the Philippines. Ok. So, that explains why. Get ready to plunge in 40 degrees Celsius water.
Entrance fee: 150php for adults

After that, we had dinner at Kawayanan Grill. Do yourselves a favor, do not consider eating here. There are way way better choices (read further below).
The food was actually ok. I ordered sisig and I liked it. Nothing special, but again, I honestly liked it and finished a whole sizzling plate and would recommend their sisig. The thing is they have small servings and they are overpriced. So, no, thank you. 
[Just click on the link to see the photos. I didn't upload and show em to you here since the photos are dark and grainy.]

DAY 2:
We spent two or even three hours sailing and in the middle of our boat ride, we stopped (not once but twice!!!) due to some boat problems and it even drizzled! @%^%$#@!@#$%! Thank God the rain didn't pour or else it will be scarier.
Complementary hotel breakfast every morning!
Basically how each day in Coron started.
As usual, last birds to arrive.
Scaredy cats!
We were the only ones in the group who put our lifevests on, see.

First stop was Banana Island Resort where we had lunch. The beach/shore was stony. Bleech.
Entrance / environmental fee: 100php

Then, we went to Malcapuya Island. The water's soooo pristine and clean, and the sand is fine! We had a parcel of  the beach for ourselves. Some opted to go snorkeling; we stayed.
Entrance / environmental fee: 200php

We had dinner at Bistro Coron. I enjoyed my meal!! Herbed slices of meat with rice + extra rice! Most customers shared and finished a pizza and a pasta and looked really tempting! We were actually reminded of the food in Bonito's in Los Banos, Laguna.

DAY 3:
This is our most jam-packed day. We went to five tourist attractions. Unlike day 2, we had shorter boat rides and the weather was oh-so-perfect for the beach. Mr. Sun was smiling at us!

We fed fishes at Siete Pecados Marine Park. You stop (in the middle of the vast sea) at Siete Pecados to snorkel and marvel at what lies beneath. And there we were just swimming and pulled by kuya bangkero/guide around. ;P
Oha, lifevest + lifebuoy + kuya maneuvering us!!
Nothing spectacular. Not so much variety.

We went to Kayangan Lake next. It is dubbed as one of the cleanest lake in the Philippines. And wow, we passed through cluster of islands before we arrived at the jump-off point. It was breathtaking!! From there, we climbed up and down (300 steps, if my memory serves me right) huge slabs of stones.
Entrance / environmental fee: 200php
We stopped by a summit and marveled at the view.
There were small small fishes swimming around near the platform.

We also swam through a small cave. It was majestic!!! It was like there were blue lights below! I was a bit scared (closeted scarred) but it was really majestic inside! Look up and you'll see small amount of sunlight passing through walls of jagged limestones nearly rubbing each other. We were reminded of James Franco <33 127 hours.

We had lunch at Smith's Point Beach after. It is just a small paradise but it was our most serene beach stop. The sand was really really fine like powder, crushed polvoron fine!! The sand is not composed of crushed shells and really tiny stones like most white sand beaches we already consider remarkable, rather, its sand evenly disperses in water! AMAZINGGG! Finest one I've ever been too, thus far!

After few good minutes of having awesome swimming time at Smith's, off we went to Skeleton Wreck where a sunken Japanese ship can be seen. They say you can see it just by snorkeling, meaning, it is not that deep. We were actually wondering how a ship (ships are huge, right) sunk there when we have a vivid view, while at the boat, of the life below. Instead of snorkeling, we fed fishes. We were adventurous like that, lelz! There were more variety of fishes here compared to Siete Pecados Marine Park.
See those big floating balls there? Below that mark is the ship.
Them snorkeling around
While we opted to stay dry under the sun and just fed fishes.
See, there are more various pretty fishes here than in Siete Pecados Marine Park.

Last in our itenerary was Twin Lagoons. It was low tide when we visited, and so we passed underneath a cave with pointy edges that can cut your skin, so you better be careful. The water here is really really strange! One moment the water is cold, and the next it is warm! I am not kidding! Just few tiny, really few tiny moves and paddles and the water temperature changes. Awesome, at the same time, pretty strange. They say it is because of the current. You must visit it and experience for yourself!!

Entrance fee: 100php per lagoon. Yes, they're twin but you have to pay separately. We just went to one lagoon.
Drop off point
Passed through that small opening down there to get to the lagoon!
all photos of Twin Lagoon from Google images

We had dinner at Manneken Pis and bam, best dinner in Coron!!!!!! It is where I tasted the best bread in the entire world!!! I am not a bread person. I am actually a rice over bread (sandwiches, burgers) person, but I can be a convert if only I get to have their loaf every single freakin' day!!! Its slices are bigger than the typical pan available in the groceries. The size got me overwhelmed, but when I took a bite with my bacon and egg, @#$%^&*(*&^%$#, there was heaven in my mouth!!!!!!! Every munch was heaven in my mouth, sex in my mouth, and what have you! I MISS MANNEKEN PIS! They can (must) put up a branch in the city and I am damn sure that they will have lots of patrons *count me in*.

The place is nicely interiored and it's cozy inside. They have free wi-fi, some were actually bringing their laptops with them. The meals are really affordable albeit not compromising the quality and taste. Promise me you'll eat here when you visit Coron, Palawan!!
Two sunny side ups, bacon strips, and the winner bread slices!!!
Lim's! She didn't finish this. Not sure if this one was good!
V's! Ahhh, their bread!! And you can tell with its taste that they use good ham! Affordable yet quality!

DAY 4:
Last day was allotted to scour the market and souvenir shops to buy pasalubong!
And well, pack our things up.
Last breakfast in Darayonan! Last brecky in Coron!
We had lunch at Coron Village Lodge
Yummehhh bulalo!
available @ Coron Village Lodge Souvenir shop
Mode of transportation there
Bought danggit in the public market.
Thank God there's Zagu in/near the public market to quench the heat!! It was soooo hot that day!

At the airport where terminal fee is just 20PHP!!! Dapat lang!:
Had latte while waiting for the plane
Bbye, Coron!!

In case you want to know, we availed of a package tour inclusive of hotel accommodation, 3 hotel breakfast (2nd till 4th day) and 2 lunch (2nd and 3rd day), and boat rentals and tours.
Environmental fee to all beaches and other tourist attractions, dinner, snorkel rental, and air fare (I think we got ours for 876 pesos each two-way already) are excluded from the package. 
We shelved out roughly 8,000 pesos each for this tour.  

WHEN: November 14-17, 2011
Yes, pretty late post! ;P
Some photos from Leemae (fish eye!!) and Vea



  1. Coron!!! This blogpost makes me wanna go back to Coron

  2. haven't been to Coron (or Palawan in general :P) and your blogpost showed me what Im missing. Looked like you had a nice time! love your photos!! (will definitely use this entry as reference if ill go to palawan soon :P)
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  3. Wow! Looks fun! I haven't been to any vacation lately! Gosh!! Waaant to go there!! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. OMG! I so want to go to Coron!!! But my next travel destination is Zambales. 8K isn't that bad and you went to a lot of places na. I DO NOT mind the photo heavy post and kudos to you for compressing the entire trip in one blog post!

    I followed your blog before but it doesn't appear on my dashboard for blogger, no wonder I followed you through twitter and not through google friend connect.

    Shucks! I still can't get over the place! I WANNA GOOO!!

  5. I'm still not over the photos. Grabe! Ang ganda talaga!


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