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THAILAND 2012: Days 4-5

Read introduction and days 1-3 in previous post, link here.

As per usual, day started by having breakfast in the hotel (Centara Grand Central World).
Day 4 was our technical tour day.
On our way to SCG Experience, we passed by temples and stopped by this structure which they say is quite similar to that of St. Peter's Basilica, Rome only smaller.
With Mr. Rational :)
It's Alvin our guide (pronounced as Elvin! Yes, slangggg!), and our official photographer, chos! Still waiting for our photos from them, hrhr!
With pretty Kate!!
 Quintana family!!
If I'm not mistaken, we're the only pure Pinoy in the group (among dealers). Most are Fil-Chi or pure Chinese.
Arte lang
After our 5-minute stop over, off we went to SCG Experience.
SCG Library
Cuteeeeee!! pretty pretty! ;)
Oh, forgot to mention in my first post! When I first went to Bangkok, Thai people looked pretty much like us!! Well, they still do! But now, I saw beautiful, shalen (translation: sassy) girls everywhere!!!!! They're so pretty and really very fashyown!!! They were also carrying designer bags! Love! <3

After, we went to Mo-Mo Paradise for (shabu-shabu) lunch.
Mochi!!!! Parang not ice cream inside! ;(

After lunch, off we went to Architecture Fair 2012 at Impact Arena!

Almost everyone, if not everyone, requested additional time for shopping!! LOBBIED: We want to go back to Platinum Mall!!!! 1 hour wasn't enough, hrhr! We are in Bangkok for crying out loud, shopping must be the top most priority, LOLJK! ;p Nothing to complain about this trip! It's my best trip everrrrr!!! God has been really great and gracious! Anyway, so our time in Architecture Fair was cut short --we only visited SCG's booth, the biggest booth in the fair. Yay! With that, we had more or less 2 hours to shop back at Platinum Mall before our dinner at Red Sky. Ok na, kesa nganga! ;p
We wasted no time, off we walked to Platinum Mall the moment we reached the hotel!
Platinum Mall closes at 7freakin'PM! They should be open till midnight MY GOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3
Photos from google images
Didn't take any photos due to lack of time!! ;p
Even though I went to Bangkok in 2007, this was the only time I really became vigilant with regards to shopping. I only buy and well, wear shirts and jeans during my younger, nene years. :) I enjoyed every minute of it this time!!!
Amongst all the few Asian countries I've been to (say, Hongkong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau), I must say that Bangkok (esp. Platinum Mall!!) is the best shopping destination evarrrrrr!!! Talk about WHOLESALE SHOPPING AT ITS BEST! You get your purchases at wholesale price if you get two (ONLY TWO!! MINIMUM OF TWO!!) items from a store!! Yes, not necessarily same item, ANY ITEM in the store will do! Winner!
I wasn't able to spend all my (baht) money. ;( Wanted to buy stuff to sell @ Schmug, but then again two hours wasn't nearly enough. Take me back to Bangkok!!!!!

Went back to the hotel at 7pm for our dinner at Red Sky Restaurant located at the 55th floor of our hotel's (CTW) building.
LOVED THIS salmon entrée, and the salad too (no photo)!!!! I finished two plates since the kids didn't like it! Yay for me! <3
They announced that they'll raffle prizes!! They raffled five Apple gadgets: three iPod touch, one iPhone 4S, and one iPad 4G.
Guess what I got to bring home?!!!!
  iPhone 4S!!!!! which I am already enjoying! ;)
O diba, these are the insurmountable blessings I could have missed if I decided not to go anymore / if the fear became stronger than the interest!
Follow me on instagram (username: ninalacson)!! ;p

After our dinner, I went back to my room with my new iPhone4s!! Yay! All is well that ends well!

Before going to the airport, we stopped by a market to buy pasalubongzzzz --tamarind, tamarind candy, durian chips, dried (ready-to-eat) squid [chips], and some even bought fruits.
Byers, Thailand!!!
And that ends my Thailand post! :)

Till next time, Thailand!

WHEN: April 21-25, 2012
WHERE: Hua Hin and Bangkok, Thailand
Yes, pretty late post! ;P
Some photos from Tita Alice, most photos from Imman ;)


  1. Thanks for greeting! I was planning to travel for my birthday but like I said, things didn't go as planned :( So I'm just traveling through blogmposts like yours. In spirit. Hehe.

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  2. This post made me miss bangkok especially the shopping part. Scratch that, the wholesale shopping part. Lol

  3. Hi Nina, you are such a darling. Regarding your questions, I naturally have wavy hair so I just have to tie it up and after a couple of hours, it turns wavy. As for the ombre, I did it myself and bought bleach from our local Hortaleza (yes i'm such a cheapskate.haha!) But if you wanted to have it done professionally, I personally recommend Azta Urban Salon (if you're in the Philippines). Let me know what happens! ;)


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