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Thailand 2012: Day 1 - Day 3

I've always wanted to travel alone, but I didn't know it will come this soon! I remember some friends and I were talking about wanting to work on a distant land. It madly excite the hunger for *independence and having this clean slate feeling hrhr in me. So, when dad asked me if I want to go to Thailand (all by myself!!!, together with delegates/dealers from other companies who met SCG's quota), I immediately said yes --all fears and what ifs aside. On second thought, saying yes is an understatement!! I insisted, more so! ;P 

As the day became closer and closer, I honestly wanted to back out! I was uncertain! I know, I know, Thailand lang yun! 5 days lang yun! But I became slightly afraid. Unfortunate what ifs lingered in my sometimes 'expecting the worst' head. But hey, bottom line is I didn't let the fear win me over. I  packed my bags, went to the airport ALONE, and carried a que sera, sera mindset.

Y'know what's stopping me too? I was so ashamed! I still do not work for my dad, and yet I was sent to Thailand?! Just because I am his daughter?!!!!!! I didn't work for it. I didn't earn it. If you're going to rationalize it, I do not deserve it AT ALL! It just so happens that I am Mr. Lacson's (he is a very private man, let's keep the anonymity! JK! ;p) daughter. But you know what God told, impressed on me? The same principle works for Him. What a great privilege it is to be a child of God. And as His child, he cannot help but bless and put the favor on you, that you become a living testimony of His goodness and wonders. And you know what, the whole Thailand trip was S P L E N D I D! The unfortunate what ifs that played in my head didn't happen. As the saying goes, oftentimes the fear of something is worse than the actual thing itselfReality was actually even the other way around. 

I'll tell you the details of my (our) 5-day first all expenses paid, first time to travel alone trip through photos (of me and (with) the new people I met) and captions. ;) Come to think of it, below are the insurmountable blessings and the exceptional opportunity... and an unexpected surprise I got to bring home that I could have missed if I let fear win.... di ba?!

Off to Hua Hin district in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province!
3 hours travel by land from Bangkok to Hua Hin!
It's my second time in Bangkok (but 2007 pa when we went. Time flies soooo fast!!!), but first time to visit Hua Hin!!! Yay to anything new! <3
Went straight to Supatra-by-the-Sea for dinner!
Hua Hin beach!!!! Very fine, polvoron sand!!! Ahhh! Didn't get to hit the beach, though.
After stuffing ourselves, we went to Cicada Market
I loved Cicada Market! You'll find anything artisan from paintings to notebooks to clothing to all sorts of accessories and other stuff! 
We were only given 30-40 minutes to go around Cicada Market so I wasn't really able to explore the whole place. Hanggang bukana lang ako actually! And since this is our first shopping destination, I didn't really hoard. You tend to skimp and pa-wise buyer on your first hours/days thinking that you'll find better, cheaper stuff as you go along, then panic buy (spend remaining money) during your last few days. Or is it just me? I doubt!! ;p 
I only bought sunnies --one for myself and one for a friend. I'll show you the sunnies I got below!!
They are already 80 years old!!! still strong and still travelling...together!!! <3 <3 <3
Beautiful scenery and things anywhere you lay your eyes on!!
After, we checked-in at Sheraton Hua Hin Resort and Spa
 A room all to myself!
Shades I got from Cicada Market!

Usual day starts with breakfast buffet.
After having breakfast, we went to Mrigadayavan Palace.
Dress restrictions apply to these places (temples, palace, and the like). We were advised not to wear shorts, short skirt, and sleeveless.
Kids swam!!
Before leaving hotel for Mrigadayavan Palace tour
Pretty Kate!!!! <3
No taking of photos inside the palace and must remove shoes when going inside.
Group photo facing the sun!! Uh-oh!
We had lunch at Baan Issara after visiting the palace. Most of the restaurants we went to at Hua Hin are by the sea.
 We went back to the hotel after to have our complimentary massage. Lumi-LIVIN' THE LIFE!
I want a wig too!!!
Pretty Kate sang two songs!! Naloka ako sa confidence ng batang ito (translation: I admire the confidence of this child!)! Hands down!!! <3
They were bullying, haha me to sing a song too!!! Sorry, you can't compel me!! Ipaglaban ang karapatang tumanggi at manindigan (translation: Fight for your right to refuse and stand your ground)!  Chos!
Capped our night off with dinner party at/by the beach! <3

Our last day at Hua Hin, going to Bangkok!
Before having breakfast, Ate Che and I decided to take photos around Sheraton.
Beloved bus for 5 days!
On our way to Bangkok, we stopped by SCG Home Mart.
In front with kids, LOL
Central World, Bangkok
Lunch at Nara Thai Cuisine
One of Thailand's Best Restaurants 2007-2012

After checking in at Centara Grand Central World and an hour (AN HOUR!!!!) shopping time at Platinum Mall (will go into detail about shopping at Platinum Mall in next post: Day 4-5), we had our dinner cruise --Manora Cruise
Thanks, Quintana family for adopting me, hrhr! ;p
Loved this!!!!! Ahhh, Thai food is (forever) sooo good!
 During my first trip here (year 2007!!!!! 5 years ago, very long time!! Ay, I mentioned na pala! ;p) with family and relatives, we had our (buffet) dinner cruise in that (modern) boat!
And that's about it!
Wanted to go out to visit nearby night markets but I had no company ;( and tinamad na when I got into my room, just slept the want off. ;p

I guess this post is too long already, so I'll just make another post for days 4-5. Plus, I'm very sleepy already! ;)

WHEN: April 21-25, 2012
WHERE: Hua Hin and Bangkok, Thailand
Yes, pretty late post! ;P
Some photos from Tita Alice, most photos from Imman ;)


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