Thursday, April 10, 2014

Inspirational Video: The Bridge Master and His Son

My auntie test-played a video entitled The Bridge Master and His Son for an event they'll be having today. 
I watched it too.
I held back my tears. 
My heart broke. :'(
I was reminded and I felt the greatest kind of love, sacrifice, and forgiveness altogether.
I suggest you watch this 5-minute video too. 

The video is adapted from MOST which is a 2003 Czech short film. "Most" in Czech means "The Bridge". Gotta see Most / The Bridge now. :')

Awards: Most (2003)
● 2003 Sundance Film Festival: Official Selection
● Palm Springs International 2003: Winner ~ Best of Festival
● Maui Film Festival 2003: Winner - Best Short Film; Audience Award - Best Newcomers
● Heartland Film Festival 2003: Winner ~ Crystal Heart Award
● Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Short Film.

Watch MOST in YouTube here.

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  1. heto panoorin mo rin:

    enjoy! =)


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