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Hotel in Shilin, Taipei: Starbeauty Resort Hotel

I love how our parents organized our Taipei trip. I know, it's quite obvious that I left an undying piece of my heart in Taiwan. Aside from Hong Kong, it is one country that I'd love to go back to time and again. I guess I experienced the ~awesomeness~ of Taiwan by staying in two different districts that I want of it more. I'd give that to my parents who always plan our trips. *insert a big smile*

After our two-day stay in Ximending, we transferred to Shilin District. We stayed in another Beauty Hotels Taipei hotel namely the Starbeauty Resort Hotel. They provided us the van transfer from Hotel B6 (in Ximending) to Starbeauty Resort Hotel (in Shilin) −talk about convenience and good service.

Starbeauty Resort Hotel is conveniently located. It is 20-25 minutes away from Taoyuan International Airport by taxi. From the hotel, we just walk for about 10 minutes to get to the MRT (Jiantan) Station and to Shilin Night Market. There are also convenience stores nearby. A bonus? We also pass by a big fruit store whenever we walk to Shilin Night Market and the MRT Station. #gottaloveShilin I have to say, though, that coining it as a RESORT Hotel is quite misleading. It is not in any way a Resort Hotel. 
Upon entrance
View from our room.
I was too worried when I saw this view. What will we do here, I asked myself. It was too rural. Please note that we came from Ximending which is very modern (read post HERE). 
I belittled Shilin at first, but found heaven (*ehem* Shilin Night Market! *ehem*) in this unlikely place.
Our hotel behind us.
Beauty Hotels Taipei has seven (7) hotels all over Taiwan. 
Mixed photos of our parents' rooms and our room.
We always book two separate rooms.
Unlike Hotel B6 in Ximending, Starbeauty Resort Hotel in Shilin is triple times more spacious.
The bathroom is very spacious too. Both rooms that we availed had separated shower and bath tub area.
But since Hotel B6 is one of Beauty Hotels Taipei's newest hotels and is located in Ximending, it's more modern.
Needless to say, both hotels are clean, fully equipped, well-maintained, have good WiFi reception, and both tender good customer service. :-)
The breakfast area of Starbeauty Resort Hotel located at the basement. I nicked this photo from their site.
We were not able to take photos during breakfast. But, yes, that's it! :')
I said in my introduction about Taipei, Taiwan (read post HERE) that "people who are sucker for healthy food will enjoy [in this beautiful country]. Fruit juices, fruits, and healthy snacks are rampant in Taiwan. They sell it even on the streets". This is one of those.  
Their fruits are HUMONGOUS!! I wonder if they're genetically modified. Hmm. I hope not. I hope they are just naturally huge. hee
Whenever we are on an out of town/country, our daily juicing is compromised. [Read about my post on Juicing HERE]
But thank God they also have cold fresh blended fruit juice which is soooo soooo good.
We buy and drink this everyday during our stay in Shilin.

Overall, we had a pretty good stay at Starbeauty Resort Hotel. Got nothing to complain. :-)

Starbeauty Resort Hotel:
Address: No.38-1, Ciangang St., Shihlin District, Taipei City, 111 

Taipei Trip: March 28 - April 1, 2013
We transferred to Shilin on May 30, 2013

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