Saturday, February 26, 2011

CHEF'S TABLE by Chef Bruce Lim

My new team was nice to even facilitate a welcome lunch for me. We had a reservation at Chef's Table a week ago.

We started our meal off with clam and mussel appetizer (REALLY good!). For our main course, I finished the Prawn Aligue my Way: oven-baked fresh prawns (but those were just shrimps!) on aligue-flavored vermicelli. It was somewhat spicy but could really be spicy for most. I can bear the heat so they let me finish  the plate. I expected that it would have quite a good number of prawns (hence the name), but to my surprise, there were just two mini 'garnish' shrimps. 

Generally speaking, I wasn't as pleased as Punch with the menu/overall taste (esp. for our main course) --I am coming from the consideration of the weightily fact that it is owned by a renowned Chef. The plating was relatively posh with an indigen/native touch which is good and is suiting; the place is well-interiored and the ambiance is good; the price is forgiving; but the overall taste isn't, again, overwhelming. The team said that Chef Laudico's better (oops!... but then I still haven't been to Bistro Filipino. Gotta try then). 

We even saw Rajo Laurel with his ghey friends enjoying their food and making chummy with the Chef. Hee!

Chef's Table. Rajo Laurel and his gay friends on the left! I always get fascinated whenever I see celebrities, but with Rajo, not much. Tama lang; not to the point of wanting to have a photo with him. haha!
If you want to work here, you gotta be (semi)bald! CHOSS!
Open kitchen ala-NY!
Chill-a-fino: a steamed fillet of stone grouper sitting on a bed of bright violet, unexpected savory ube mash. (not sure if this is really the plate in left. haha!)
Kadios: The one sitting in beans.  Kadios refers to the pigeon pea, also known as red gram or Congo peas in English.
Prawn Aligue My Way: in banana leaf. My favorite!
We also had dinuguan --not captured in photo. I don't eat dinuguan but for courtesy purposes, I tried it.
Ilocano/Ilonggo dishez
For dessert we had Langka Creme Brulee and Cheesecake. (Is this Langka Creme Brulee? Haha!) Ours' isn't served in this glass eh. I LOVED IT!
 Chef Bruce Lim was all-around. He jumped from one table to another just to make simple conversation and checked from time-to-time if we're doing fine, etc. etc. 
He checks all dishes before they get served. Prior to serving, I saw our clam and mussels appetizer being disapproved and was sent back to kitchen for tweaking!
For more info, visit ChefsTableManila

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