Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Miss B's Tuckshop

FINALLY!! We went straight to Miss B's Tuckshop after walking around and buying few stuff at The Fort. We arrived 30 minutes early; Miss B's Tuckshop opens at 5pm during Saturdays. We thought of having milk tea at Serenitea, just few blocks away, while on idle but decided not to anymore since we'll be having milkshake at Miss B's. #stoked

Miss B's Tuckshop, from the term 'tuckshop' (usually and correctly (?) spelled in two separate words) itself, is a small food shop, usually pertaining to a school canteen. The best part? They don't add monosodium glutamate (yes, vetsin. yes, aji-no-moto), and other artificial flavors and enhancers in all of the dishes they serve. They are not killing their customers; they know their health bible! 

On one end, not that I made a big deal out of it, when we arrived 4:30 in the afternoon, I turned the doorknob and fortunately, the door was open. I asked the owner (I think she's one of the owners) if they're open already and told me that they'll open by 5, just as expected. We went back just few minutes before 5pm. I opened the door again and asked their waitress --the first person I saw this time --if we can come in already. She said they'll open at 6freakin'PM!!!! I was a bit bewildered and told her that the owner told me to come back at 5pm. And hello, it says in your websites and other online review articles that you open 5pm during Saturdays. Simple! She didn't know what to say, so, she asked the owner about it, walked towards their kitchen, went back to me and told me, "ok, you may come in. We are open already". It was just disappointing. We went there few weeks before, too, at around 10 in the evening and the same waitress told me that they're not yet open or they just closed. I really couldn't understand her since she didn't even bother go outside to at least say a few words. She just did some hand signals I cannot decipher! They were supposed to be open! It says that their operating hours during Fridays is 12pm to 3AM!!! WHYYYYY! Ha ha ha, it sounded like I flared up, but not really.
Miss B’s Tuckshop is our version of a hole-in-the-wall, urban cafeteria. “Tuckshop” was coined from the commonwealth term meaning “canteen”. The restaurant wishes to strip every guest off all frills from their usual dining experience and bring back the ease of eating classic ‘junk food” (without the gunk!). Our goal is to preserve the simplicity of real flavors while not having to hold back on the playful side of food and the overall dining experience. Our back-to-basics approach to food comes from our deepest desire to bring back quality in junk food per se. Miss B’s daily challenge is to produce honest fast food which people can identify with wherein satisfaction is always above and beyond paid value. Anyone is welcome to come as you are and tuck in! -msbtuckshop
The newly refurbished facade! I like its before better.
Just really looks like a hole-in-the-wall --like a wallflower along Jupiter street. Who would've thought they serve good food here? 
No need to ask for menus. Menu is largely written on the blackboard right in front of you.
I love New York style kitchens where you get to see how they prepare your food. I feel like I'm in good hands --that they won't spit on my food!! ;P
They served our drinks first.
I tied their Roasted Marshmallow milkshake (180php)
VERDICT: I find it too sweet!
Wanna / will try Red Velvet next time!!
Most articles I read online actually recommended Roasted Mallow milkshake. But then again, my taste buds find it too sweet.
Their cute water bottles! Made me wanna drink water!!
Fish and chips (240php).
According to the waitress, this is one of their bestsellers.
Cibo chips are better.
Finn liked it. For me, it was just ok.
I am going back to have this Lechon Salad again and again!!! Ordered just as side dish (65php). I'll order it in starter size next time!! It's soooooo goood!!!!! <333
Loved their Beef Burger (185php) too!!!! No veggies, whatsoever, but it's really good! It wasn't dry!! It was really juicy! Nom! **ok, excessive use of exclamation point**
I usually tend to compare. The best burger, amongst all of the burgers I had so far, is Wingman's... and still remains my favorite. ;) 
But I want to try their Crispy Pork Confit burger next time!
Reg. their beef
The beef that they use is 100% grass-fed! Great! And I agree, it is loaded with real beefy goodness! I don't know if it is the same with burgers in Wingman. If not, I don't think they're comparable anymore, haha! I have bias towards food houses who lean towards serving lesser evil, alternative food to their customers since we, most of the time, really do not know the source of the food we eat and what artificial enhancers they add when we eat out.
For instance, when we dine out and order the good 'ol fried chicken, we do not know if the chicken they serve and well, we eat has been injected with steroids. When we eat in Chinese restaurants, little do we know that the food they serve have ample amount of MSG. And generally speaking, we do not know what goes on inside their kitchens. Random thoughts *insert all disturbing stories I've heard on what cooks sometimes do* on how they might have prepared my food make me puke.
Finn and I spent 750+php all-in-all which is off-budget, personally speaking. The food was ok. It'll be better and really good if they cut down their prices, heee!
I loved the concept, their Lechon Salad!!!!, their beef burger! It is the perfect place for people who get hunger pangs in the middle of the night! Food tastes soooo good during wee hours, for some reason I don't know.
I'll give it 3 out of 5 stars! =)

Miss B's Tuckshop is located at # 20 Valdecon Bldg., Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati City. It is located beside Distillery, near O'sonho, right across Buendia Car Exchange
Email: msbstuckshop@gmail.com
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  1. wow, ang tyaga mo! if i was in your place, i left na siguro :P but looked like you enjoyed the food. the lechon salad looks so yummy :)

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