Wednesday, November 9, 2011

OOTD: Polka and pleats

I rarely make separate outfit posts especially lately (last one was ages ago, or feels just like), but since we took a number of shots last Saturday, I told myself why not make a separate post.

As said in previous post, we arrived at Miss B's Tuckshop 30 minutes before chow time. Here's the result / what we actually did while walking around ;P:   
Impromptu pasalubong necklace from Fin! Thank yeeeew!! haha!
This top reminds me of Vea!! 
I rarely wear sleeveless! Ask my friends! I don't know what the cats dragged in, or what the wind blew in that day!
Fallin in love with skirts! 
We came from Market Market, hence the plastic bag.


  1. Hi Nina!
    I'm really feel shy knowing na "fan" kita. Hindi ako sanay girl. Kasi laging fan lang ako ng mga bloggers. Feeling ko wala naman akong K. Haha charot. But really, I appreciate that. I'm not sure how to react lalo na someone pretty and fab like you says it but I'm thankful :) Uy bet ko tong outfit mo! You did great in putting it together! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. Nina, I love your outfit! You look so pretty! :))

  3. Yey for print on print! :) Following you!

    Btw, please Join my blog giveaway :)

  4. Hello Nina!

    Thanks for the blog comment and I'm wondering why you're headless in some shots when you're soo pretty kaya. Love the outfit and its colors. :)

    Happy Sunday!

  5. I love the outfit Nina... =) Its a must to wear mustard... =) And you looked care-free with your plastic bag... =)


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