Friday, December 24, 2010


I know I should have made this post weeks ago since Christmas is just few hours away but might as well still post this as note on what I would love to receive or save and spend on.

1. Lumix GF1
I'm tired of bringing a heavy dSLR camera whenever I go to places. I want a handy one, nonetheless, with good features and dSLRish output. ~I'll have you before the year ends! hah!~ 

I'm still accommodating model suggestions! What do you have in mind? ;-) Or if you happen to have GF1, would you really recommend it? 

2. Nokia E72
I just want a new phone and I'm good with this.

3. Fly
I'm not saying where but I'm hoping I'll be able to join them! *crossing my fingers; Lord make this prayer come true*

Anyhoo, just a rundown of places I want to visit in 2011 alongside the petitioned trip (keeping my list attainable):
DOMESTIC: Batanes, Sagada, and Palawan
INT'L: Vietnam, Israel, and I want to go back to Singapore to shop!
This photo suits the plead well! hee!

4. Child-like happiness of sort
I know it's cliché but I need supply of unending steadfast joy!

5. I want Zanessa back! *STILL Affected muccch* 
I still wish they end up together! mahaha!

Despite the wishful post, I'm thankful for every blessing Daddy God has given me and my family. We all should, yes! Looking forward to series of Christmas celebrations which will start tomorrow! 



  1. cdr king mp3 player?

  2. I love Zanessa, too! :(( They are my favorite couple!!
    Merry Christmas, Nina! :)

    Kat <3


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