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Cebu Itinerary

I'll go through our Cebu trip by ticking off and crossing out the list we prepared for our trip from planning Cebu post.

We headed to CnT Lechon on our first night. We were tired from the plane ride yet we were raring to take the jeep and find the place. Our minds were set that Cebu Lechon shall boost our spirits. *game face on* 

We arrived at CnT's restaurant at about 6 PM which is located just in front of SM Cebu. To our dismay, it was already closed. HOW FRUSTRATING!! They told us that CnT's lechon sells out fast and that the restaurant closes at 5 PM (too early!). Thank God CnT is in SM Cebu's supermarket. But then, the in-house crew told us that lechon in SM is sold out already, therefore, it would be useless to go there too. But with heaven on our side, a staff from their SM stall came and said that they still have lechon there. So, we hurriedly went!

My rules when traveling: first, you'll only be there once so you better scrutinize the place as much as you can and make the most out of the fare. Everyone in the group should also have tons of energy and be in good disposition since it is not like you're going to the place to couch your lazy bum. And please lang, bad vibes is contagious and seemingly small rants can spoil the fun (talk about span of less that a week sojourn type)! Second rule, never ever act fussy or act primadonna! Thank God I was with Vea! :') I was just reminded of some stories friends told me which got on my wick! haha! 

Anyway, back to our Cebu series of purely good times. 

CnT Lechon!!!!!!! It's THE BEST, THE BEST, THE BEST even if it's DEADLY! Major omnomnom moment!

Our plan to go to Bohol on our second day was scrapped. I think that we made the right decision to just go around Cebu, though. We went to Mactan for island hopping instead.
with pretty Vea
blue finger-like starfish
 scary lil octo-starfish!

Then, we went to Mactan Shrine. The multicab driver asked 400php from us! We should have taken a taxi instead! 

Mactan accessories are also the cheapest. If only I knew that we will have a hard time finding them in Colon Market and nearby market places, I would have hoarded 10 peso beaded accessories. Accessories are cheaper in Mactan than in the city proper of Cebu. 
 We missed the bronze statue of Lapu-Lapu! We didn't know! Hah!

Next, we had BBQ and puso (rice wrapped triangular in banana leaf strips) for lunch at Larsian. BBQ costs 5 pesos each and puso costs 2.50 pesos each. El cheapo and yummers!!
Kamayan! With plastic on one hand. This was also the case when we had CNT lechon.

We went to Abaseria formerly Ethnic Ventures after. Their factory was closed, so my purchases were somewhat not really cheap, but it was for my mom and she paid for it so I need not feel bad that I purchased them. The visit would have been just optimal if we had choices of cheaper accessories too. 
I wanted to buy a simple native bag someplace else but we didn't find any good one.
 Abaseria has in-store cafe/restaurant too.
Those plates are niceee!

We went touristy too. We went to Magellan's Cross! *haha*
If you only know how this photo was taken! lulz! 
 We spent our two nights at Ayala Center for dinner, coffee, and to simply hang out. We also visited WAGW (What A Girl Wants) boutique in Ayala Center Cebu. I got nice-fitting trousers and Vea bought belts.  
You may visit WAGW at: 2nd Level, Paseo Cuidad, Ayala Center Cebu; 1st Level, West Promenade, Limketkai Cagayan de Oro City; 2nd Floor, Main Wing, SM City Cebu; and recently opened at 3rd Floor, the Gallery, Robinsons Galleria. You may also visit their online shop HERE.
We had Hukad for dinner at Ayala Mall.

Third day was spent in Crown Regency for lunch buffet, full body massage, Edge Coaster, Skywalk, and 4D!
Edge coaster
The dang Skywalk! Vea nearly fell off the edge! :S
  Lunch buffet at Wang Shan Lo 
 Chicken skin wrapped in lumpia/wanton wrapper with hoisin sauce! THE BEST! THE BEST! THE BEST! Most Chinese restaurants would have duck skin instead of chicken skin in it with leeks, though! Chicken skin was good, nonetheless! SUPER YUMMY with hoisin sauce! SUPERRRRR!
Edge Coaster
Some tourists doing their Skywalk pose for photo sold at 250 pesos.
About to start.
4D Theatre
 Packing goodbye to our room! And to Cebu!

In hindsight, it was the good kind of bankruptcy. I went home penniless. I even asked my mom to make a cash deposit on my ATM account. The 500 peso worth of printed photos from Skywalk and Edge Coaster weren't included in my budget. I cannot not get the photo as souvenir, though. The staff weren't too nice and accommodating. They were too strict that they did not allow us to even take a single photo using our camera. WHY TOO STRINGENT!!

Anyway, that wraps up our Cebu trip. :)

*personal photos and some from Vea.


  1. dapat nagpunta na rin kayo museums dyan. :) Pero nonetheless, jam packed ang lakad nyo. :D

  2. Waaaaaaaaaaa, LECHON!!! Gawd, naglalaway ako ngayon sobra haha! :D

    Lee []

  3. Oh myyy!! your post made me miss my cebu trip early this year LOL!

    And interesting adventure i must say :D you pretty much covered the must-see places and must-try food :) good job :D

    and i agree, staffs at the skywalk are too strict :( maybe because they want people to get the souvenir pictures kaya bawal from own camera haha :)


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