Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Philippine Fashion Week: Unseen photos

One of us didn't upload the photos. Ehem. Hee! He was too kind to give me the files, though. And since I didn't make a PFW post, I will just post some of those never before seen/unuploaded photos here that none of us saw and been waiting to be published.

I miss you all --Troii and Ken (thanks to you two for swinging us by), Leemae, Vea, Janina, and Fin. Hope we'll attend the next PFW or any event soon!

 fave photo! Hee!
Iz this Ornussa? 
Jenni Epperson, Daryl Chang there! 
 lovely hue
Janina's BAYONG bag and my singit leg and shoe
 Vea, Ninay, Troii, and please excuse
(Only photo with Troii, aw)
Them! Posting this because Fin doesn't have a photo with us in his file. Hee! He was our photographer, you see.
Fin, Vea, Ninay, and Lims
haha! Doing our own thing.
Girlies! Janina's missing (She's in the bathroom, hee)!
 Hah! Hee! Hah!
El Pollo Loco
Just so you have an idea of how the whole live setting really looks like. aha!
Iz me! It really is me!
 Leathers. We stopped over Guadalupe. We didn't find a good pair, though.

'Til our next bash! *hearts*



  1. You and your friends are all so stylishly dressed! Love all your outfits :) I've never been to a fashion show but it looks like a lot of fun ^^

  2. Those boots are awesome. Glad you experienced Fashion Week! It looks fun :)

    sPam of frou-frou

  3. Fashion week! :)
    You all look so fashown! Lovett! <3
    Happy new year!

  4. I love your blazer! :D Followed you thru bloglovin btw. :D


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